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viktorya 03-18-2010 12:43 PM

New Lakes to Visit in the MidWest Region
Hey Everyone!

We just got our MasterCraft two years ago and have been taking annual lake trips since we got it, since we are young we want to experience alot of different lakes out there before we pick our favorite.We are from Colorado and the first year we went to Lake Mead and last year we hit up Table Rock. Both are so different from another but we loved both, found prime time spots with glass in both.

Anyone out there have any suggestions on where we should head this summer? We are down to ride with anyone who knows where the spots are as well! I'd appreciate the imput.

Thanks for lookin!

:: V ::

onthewatermo 03-18-2010 3:23 PM

Lake Ozark is known more for its partying, but that makes the sunrise sets all the less crowded. If you think about heading this way, holler and I can direct you to public launches and secret stashes (all for the low price of a couple pulls) as well as suggest non-wakeboarding activities. If you are looking for straight riding lakes, Bull Shoals in Northern Arkansas (where BroStock is being held this July). If you've been to Table Rock, it is literally and figuratively the lake between the two for riding vs. partying.

epic1 03-18-2010 5:36 PM

come with me to powell in sept. YOu can ride on my houseboat, if I can ride behind our mastercraft.

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