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jroth97gt 03-17-2010 5:14 PM

2000 XStar, bow filler ideas...?
Hey guys,
I just purchased a fly high bow sac for my boat and was thinking I'd better come up with something to act as a bow filler to support the weight since I don't have a factory filler cushion. Just wondered if anyone had any ideas or suggestions. Thanks!

bill_airjunky 03-17-2010 5:35 PM

Lead? Make your own bow cushion? Or both?

polarbill 03-17-2010 5:53 PM

Paul Brothers from wakeworld built a sub box to fill in an put a cushion on it. If you want to do something real cheap just put a cooler that will fit there.

mc_x15 03-18-2010 11:40 AM

From what i understand, the bow filler is no more than a cushion with support. A cut piece of plywood maybe 1/2 or 3/4 inch cut to size would support the sac. Maybe wrap in some foam and vinyl to look better.

rgardjr 03-18-2010 12:05 PM

On my '06 X2 there is a piece of starboard that drops in and a cushion that sits on top. You can easily make the support piece out of plywood as previous poster suggested.

sippi 03-18-2010 1:33 PM

Get you a sac to go all the way up in that walkway and you won't need anything else. then just add some more weight to the back and you'll have a monster back there. that's what we do with my buddies 02 xstar.

big_poppa_pump 03-18-2010 3:36 PM

Check into this old thread, near the bottom.


ironj32 03-19-2010 6:04 PM

find a rubbermaid (or similar brand) tub, that is about 1-1.5' high, and about 8 inches wide, and about a 1' long. it's perfect for keeping the bag up and level with the seats, and you can also store anything that needs to be dry in it. I've been using it for three years....it's an ideal setup, only costs like $10, and there is no assembly or anything required.

bigshow 03-19-2010 6:56 PM

Best Bow Fillers

jroth97gt 03-22-2010 5:57 PM

Great info guys....Thanks!

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