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silentknight04 03-17-2010 3:46 PM

Cable Stock 2010
TSR Cablestock May 7th, 8th, & 9th

Youíve seen it in the videoís, on TV, in the magazines and the newspapesr. Incredible athletes, suntans and bikiniís gather on the hot sandy beaches at TSR to celebrate wakeboarding and music, and kick off yet another South Texas summer season. Itís Cablestock 2010 at TSR.

Cablestock at TSR is more than just a competition. You can relax and enjoy the excitement for $10/day for a special event park access pass (Sat & Sun). For those who choose to be part of the action but not compete, TSR offers a 3-day cable & skate pass for just $49.95. This includes all day sessions on the cable and any daytime the skatepark is open throughout the weekend. Donít have your own gear? No worries, TSR has Liquid Force and Helium wake rentals available for beginners and experts alike. If you can only make one wakeboard event this year, it has to be Cablestock. More than just a competition, Itís a way of Life!

2010 marks the 8th Annual Cablestock festival at the Texas Ski Ranch. This year the cable events will go to the next level as the WWA is sanctioning the cable wakeboard and wakeskate events as the first stop on the WakePark Series. This three day festival and competition will be held in true TSR fashion with great music, good friends and, of course, all the extreme sports TSR has to offer. This year Cablestock promises to be bigger and better than ever! Come check it out!


silentknight04 03-18-2010 9:49 AM

5 Attachment(s)
Here is some pictures from last year!!!!

blindjudge2010 03-19-2010 11:57 AM

hey what divisions do you have for cable stock?

silentknight04 03-19-2010 12:06 PM

Women, Junior, Wakeskate & Pro, but even if you dont want to be in the competition you can still ride all 3 days of the event. Below is the link for the sign up form if you do want to sign up, just turn it in at TSR when you finish.


silentknight04 03-22-2010 1:53 PM

Pro's That are confirmed for cablestock 2010
Wakeboard Mens:

Tom Fooshee: Texas
Nick Davies: United Kingdom
Josh Rice: Texas
Kevin Henshaw: Florida
Gabe Lucas: Texas
Marc Shuster: Florida
Cody Johnson: Texas


Aaron Reed: Texas
Bret Little: Texas
Danny Hampson: Florida
Grant Roberts: California
Oury Yarbrough: Texas

Wakeboard Women:

Louise Sawyer: Texas
Holland Finley: Texas

bendow 03-22-2010 7:52 PM

Louise is going to tear it up...I need to get back out there if I can ever heal from my injuries...last summer was torn miniscus, now I have a torn disc in my back...bad luck

silentknight04 03-23-2010 9:45 AM

Ya man its going to be a good event the rail jam they are gonna have is gonna be sick. damn that sucks, im waiting on my knee right now to heal up I tweeked it in colorado about 3 months ago. I cant wait to hit the water it has been nice and glassy, low crowd, plus the water temp is finally warming up. That is if the weather quits throwing us curve balls like it did a few weeks ago when it snowed.

silentknight04 03-23-2010 11:51 AM

Facebook Event: CableStock 2010
Here is the event on facebook, log in and sign up for the event


blakehess1 03-24-2010 2:57 PM

Riders getting ready
Cody Johnson is riding really well, can't wait to see him ride, last year was his coming out party, killed it at cablestock 2009. He was on stokemeter last night with Tom!

silentknight04 03-25-2010 10:39 AM

the words that you speak are true

silentknight04 03-26-2010 9:20 AM

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Here is a pic of Cody Johnson rippin it up

silentknight04 03-26-2010 10:53 AM

Wakeskate Launch Promo Video
Check out the 2010 Wakeskate Launch Promo Video its awsome!


silentknight04 03-26-2010 3:48 PM

Just got in good news Chad Sharpe has confirmed to be at Cable Stock 2010!!!!! I cant wait to see him rip it up!!!

silentknight04 03-29-2010 10:14 AM

Cable Stock 2010 Schedule
10:00am-5:00pm Cable Opens 3 Day Pass Begins
2:00pm-5:00pm Boat Comp Qualifying Women & Wakeskate Only
2:00pm-8:30pm Dunk Tank Open
5:00pm-6:30pm Wakeskate Shuvit Competition
6:30pm-8:00pm Wakeskate Launch Competition
8:00pm Mini Ramp Skate Contest Warm Ups
8:30pm-12:00am Cable Night Session (Not part of 3day Pass)
9:00pm Live Music
9:00pm Texas Hold'em Opening Tables

9:00am-10:00pm Cable Warm Up for Registered Competitors
10:00am-1:30pm Cable Preliminary Rounds: Women, Junior, Wakeskate & Pro
10:00am-8:30pm Dunk Tank Open
1:30pm-2:00pm Pro Autograph Signing
2:00pm-6:00pm Invitational Winch Comp
2:00pm-6:00pm Boat Comp: Jr & Pro Prelims
2:00pm-6:00pm Cable Open to Public
5:30pm-6:30pm Rixen ittle Bro Exhibition
6:30pm-8:00pm Stucture Only Prelims Am & Pro
7:00pm-9:00pm Mini Ramp Skate Contest FINALS
2:00pm-8:30pm Dunk Tank Open
8:30pm-12:00am Cable Night Session (Not part of 3day Pass)
9:00pm Bikini Contest
9:30pm Video Premiere
10:00pm Texas Hold'em Final Table
10:00pm Live Music

5:00am-11:00pm Rookie Triathlon
10:00am-12:00pm FREE Railey Clinic (Kids under 16 & All Girls are Invited to a free clinic on the Little Bro)
10:00am-5:00pm Dunk Tank Open
11:00am-2:00pm Cable Open to Public
11:00am-2:00pm Boat FINALS
2:30pm-4:00pm Cable FINALS
4:30pm-5:00pm Stucture Only FINALS
2:00pm-6:00pm Boat Comp: Jr & Pro Prelims
6:00pm Awards

norbiv 03-29-2010 11:17 AM

its gonna be the best time! cant wait! and the video premier ! so stoked!

jdwake1 03-30-2010 12:24 AM

yeah man be sure to put that edit on the web after the tourny for us without the deep pockets to fly out there!

silentknight04 04-01-2010 12:07 PM


Originally Posted by jdwake1 (Post 1567455)
yeah man be sure to put that edit on the web after the tourny for us without the deep pockets to fly out there!

I will be sure to do that, I will keep you updated.

silentknight04 04-01-2010 12:08 PM

Mickey Avalon at CableStock 2010!!!!!!!
Hey we are trying to get Mickey Avalon to play at Cable Stock May 8th 2010, so join this group and get him out here!!!!!


silentknight04 04-05-2010 10:28 AM

Mickey Avalon to play TSR Cablestock 2010
Mickey Avalon is confirmed to play at CableStock 2010 May 8th, check it out:


silentknight04 04-05-2010 4:20 PM

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Mickey Avalon

blakehess1 04-05-2010 9:36 PM

Mickey Avalon! Hell yea. Norbi will be there filming too! Can't wait. What Texas riders are going? Boat Lake is back!

silentknight04 04-20-2010 12:22 PM

All of the confirmed riders so far are:

Tom Fooshee: Texas (08 & 09 WWA World Series Champion)
Nick Davies: United Kingdom (2009 WWA World Champion)
Aaron Rathy: Florida (2009 King of Wake Champion)
Phillip Soven: Florida (2008 King of Wake Champion)
Chad Sharpe: Florida
Kevin Henshaw: Florida
Gabe Lucas: Texas
Josh Rice: Texas (2005 World Games Champion)
Marc Shuster: Florida
Cody Johnson: Texas (2009 USA Wakeboard National Champion)
Aaron Reed: Texas (Former Toe Jam & World Champion)
Bret Little: Texas (Multiple Toe Jam Champion)
Danny Hampson: Florida
Nick Taylor: Florida
Andrew Pastura: Ohio
George Daniels: Florida
James Balzer: Florida
Ben Horan: Florida
Travis Doran: Florida
Grant Roberts: California
Oury Yarbrough: Texas

Nicola Butler: Orlando (Former Pro Tour Champion)
Louise Sawyer: Texas (2009 Cablestock Champion)
Holland Finley: Texas (2008 Cablestock Champion)

silentknight04 04-20-2010 1:58 PM

Cable Stock: Sick Videos!!!!
Check these sick videos out!!!



younguns44 04-25-2010 5:51 PM


silentknight04 04-26-2010 10:56 AM

ya man they really did a good job on the videos......

silentknight04 04-27-2010 8:56 PM

Hey ya'll we will be in the quad at Texas State University Wednesday 28th, Thursday 29th, and Monday the 3ed from 8am to 4pm selling Cablestock: Mickey Avalon tickets. So come out at buy your tickets before we sell out, they are only $15 before May 8th, so come out and get them before its too late!!!!!!

silentknight04 05-04-2010 9:39 AM

Hey guys, CableStock 2010 is only 3 days away and the Mickey Avalon Tickets are selling fast so go ahead and pre-order your tickets online at: www.Texasskiranch.com/cablestock before we sell out, this is going to be the best CableStock yet so dont miss out!

Plus Check out the new commecial playing on 101X - http://cablewakeboard.com/video/deta...-2010-may-7-9/

silentknight04 05-04-2010 12:36 PM

Tom Fooshee Interview with the 101X Morning Show
Just got word that 101X is going to interview Tom Fooshee on the morning show Wednesday May 5th at 9:15am so tune in to 101X -Austin (101.5 FM) or listen online at: www.101x.com/Other/Stream/stream.html and see what Tom has to say.

silentknight04 06-10-2010 4:58 PM

Cable Stock 2010 videos




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