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zo1 03-17-2010 11:42 AM

Day Labor
Any of you guys ever hire some day labor off of Craigslist?

I've got about 75 yds of mulch to spread and if I can drop a couple hund to have it spread out, it is a no brainer for me. My only concern with CL is having some crack head show up at my house.

Everyone always tells me that there are guy at Home Crappo but I have never seen them otherwise I would use them.

phantom5815 03-17-2010 8:22 PM

Isn't it spring break in your area? Hire some local kids.

thiney 03-18-2010 8:44 AM

There are companies that hire out day laborers kind of like temp agencies. I use them all the time on my jobsites to do clean up. Most of the reputable companies do drug screening and background checks so no worries about crack heads. Not sure about where you are but in Texas the rates are usually just by the hour and it is anywhere between 12-15 depending on the skill level you need. Might be a little safer option than CL.

snyder 03-22-2010 12:26 PM

75 yds!!!!

that's like 5 dump trucks full ain't it! Man, that's a lot of mulch.

bmcgee 03-22-2010 1:47 PM

Another thought might be to give a local playground company a call. I'm not exactly sure how much they would charge though. 75 cubic yards is going to be a big job. I worked for a playground company last summer and they used mulch for most of there surfacing under and around playgrounds. We had one job that was 156 yards and that was a beast. It took me and my friend, plus 2 guys running the mulch with skid steers about 14 hours to spread it. I don't think I'd ever been that sore before.

If you don't have access to a skid steer, the best way to move it is to use pitch forks to pile it on a tarp, then drag the tarp around to wherever you need it. At least that's what worked best for us.

mhunter 03-22-2010 2:38 PM

If you hire just anybody you open yourself to liability if they get hurt. Not to mention inviting strangers to your house to see what you have that they can steal.

snyder 03-22-2010 2:42 PM

for really big jobs, they have trucks w/blowers on them and the mulch is in an enclosed 50ft trailer. they just park it next to the site and have these long plastic hoses that come out of the back and they blow it in just like insulation. 75 yds might qualify for that.

zo1 03-22-2010 8:08 PM

Thx for the reply's guys. yea it is a ton of mulch...

I found a couple of local college kids through a reply on craigslist. they worked about 14 hours this weekend, got through about half of it and they were busting ass the whole time...

The piles are a good distance from where the mulch is getting laid and they were moving! Very happy with them.

I have seen those trucks with hoses et al before,. They way our house sits and how far away from the road we are would make that a no go...


Not to mention inviting strangers to your house to see what you have that they can steal.
That was my biggest concern with a CL ad. These guys seem square, but the Rottie and Mastiff are in plain sight for them to see. that and my sign that hangs by my garage saying gun owner Parking Only might help deter any jackasses. if it doesn't deter, I guarantee the will be deterred if they were to show up to try something...

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