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evadehickman 03-16-2010 6:34 PM

Battery Question
Have a perko switch - when in "both" position, boat won't start. When in "1", boat starts. When in "2", boat starts. I'm no expert! Seems strange to me, but undoubtedly someone here will have the perfect explanation.

Both batteries are original with the boat - 3 years old.

Time for new batteries? Does bringing two slightly undercharged batteries online somehow weaken the overall power?

Thanks for the help!

wake_upppp 03-16-2010 6:42 PM

It's just like this recently? Seems strange. Bad connection in Perko or bad Perko possibly? What did I miss Sunday? You guys get a good helping of Dirty D Butta?

wake_upppp 03-16-2010 6:44 PM

If each battery starts on it's own, by itself, I would say they are not bad yet. Something else going on.

evadehickman 03-16-2010 6:53 PM

Hey hey! You missed a cold day. It was windy and cold and first, then slowly it settled down a bit. Yeah - this was the first time this has happened. How do I test the strength of the batteries? Is it just something I can read off the voltmeter gauge, or do I need to test 'em? Always started the engine on both, then switched to just one or the other for the day. Now, when I'm in both, I get no turnover at all on the key. Weird!

Missed riding with you - won't be out this weekend, I'm afraid - we've got some friends from Colorado in town for a visit. Let's ride soon.

wake_upppp 03-16-2010 9:43 PM

The volt guage on the dash is only going to tell you surface voltage of which ever battery you have "on" through the Perko switch. You must fully charge and then load test each battery to actually check the condition of the batteries. Like I said, if it's starting off of each battery individually, probably not a battery issue, more like a connection and or Perko switch problem. Let's check it out next time we hook up. It wouldn't stop me from taking the boat out from what you've described.

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