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WakeboardNJ 03-16-2010 10:02 AM

Chainsaw Advice
Ok so I am in need of a chainsaw.

Background: I have used many models in the past with my Fire Dept. Brands like Stihl, Echo and Husqvarna. I have no preference, they all worked equally well, but were mostly job specific. I need a utility model with about an 18"bar.

Keep in mind this is a personal use item, and will be used 8-10 individual days a year.

Thoughts, opinions, suggestions on anything/everything including brands, oil, storage, etc.

Thanks, KG

zo1 03-16-2010 10:19 AM

For only 8-10 days a year, get a Husqvarna IMO. Cheaper than Stihl but very dependable.

I ran 3 tanks through my Husq just last night. I wish I would sprung for a Stihl but I use mine a ton and I LOVE my F-I-L's Stihl.

Running the saw is like therapy for me though. Very few things I enjoy more than cutting trees up. Is that weird?

Oil (both 2 stroke and chain) I use whatever is on sale. I usually wait until Ace has their 40% off whatever you can fit in a bag sale and buy a couple gallons of chain oil.

Storage, mine lives in the back of my truck, tied to a cleat so it is secure. This way it is always there when I need it. I hate being at the lake house and not having it...

I have used the pulon (sp?), homelite etc, junk.... Get to a big Oak, Beech, Sourwood etc and they bog down.

End of the day, keep your chain out of the dirt and anything will work though.

WakeboardNJ 03-16-2010 11:07 AM

I hear ya on the therapy thing. Who would mess with a guy wielding a chainsaw, LOL.

Research is pointing me towards the Stihl, and they have an "Occasional Use" Line that is tailored more towards what I am looking at doing.

zo1 03-16-2010 11:15 AM

If the $$ is not as issue (as I have never seen a comparable Stihl in the same $ range as a Husq) I would go Stihl hands down. They are by far the best saw IMO. I only recoed the Husq since they are the best of the rest (again IMO) and cheaper for a limited use tool.

Have fun :)

This make me thing of my old neighbor. Super yuppie types (we called them Todd and Margo re Christmas Vacation) and the 1 time a year he would saw he had the whole get up on. Chaps, helmet, face shield, ear protection, gloves and best of all the plaid shirt. It was funny just to watch him...

03-16-2010 11:18 AM

My dad is a professional logger and I can tell you he has about 200 Stihl chainsaws in the barn. Someone gave him one that was another brand and he uses it to prop the door to the barn open. He says buy it once and buy a Stihl no matter what you are using it for.

If you have a particular question about what model to get etc... let me know I will ask him.

chris4x4gill2 03-16-2010 1:27 PM

My uncle is a logger and will agree that Stihl is the best, but for his limited personal use at home he uses a Husqvarna. We have 20 acres that I have been helping my dad clear, and the Husqvarna hasnt let us down yet. IMO for the money you cant beat them.

mastercraft1995 03-16-2010 2:01 PM

Stihl farmboss MS290 is what I would get. I have a few friends that have this saw and the love it.

I have a 021 which has a 16 inch bar on in and a 360 with a 25 inch bar.

The 021 is about 11 years old. So far I've changed the plug 2 times and just got it tuned up last summer for about $30. It was my only saw for 9 years and we heat our house with wood. It has have cut allot of wood in it's life with zero problems.

The 360 I got from my grandpa and let me tell you that thing can cut some wood. It sounds like it would be a little bigger than you need.

seattle 03-16-2010 6:39 PM

Going out on a limb and pushing a vote out there for Poulan. I've owned my 2450 for ten years now and the only thing I've done other than add gas and bar oil is to purchase a couple sharpen capable skip tooth chains (I know dangerous... but slices like butter) for it. I use it four or five times a year and it's been highly dependable.

bruce 03-16-2010 7:26 PM

Farmboss 290 or a 26 would be my saw of choice. The only issue I've had with my 26 is the kill switch.

chris4x4gill2 03-17-2010 1:30 PM

The older Poulans are good occasional use saws, I have one thats almost 20yrs old at the house that still runs just fine the 5-6 times a year I need it. But the new ones you can get for $119 or whatever at walmart or Home Depot are crap.

WakeboardNJ 03-19-2010 8:34 AM

It is done.
Thank you all for the advice. After reading comments here and talking with a few guys in the office, I ultimately purchased the Stihl MS290 Farmboss with an 18" bar.
Picked up the saw, a carrying case, some chain oil and 2cycle oil for $389.00 out the door.

I have used this local shop for years, and the guy was awesome. Literally walked me thru the entire saw. Features, maintenance, storage, cutting techniques, etc. Full tank of fuel and chain oil to boot.

I'm calling her, The Judge.


mjfan23 03-19-2010 8:37 AM

Good choice. Stihl is the best out there.

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