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tom_paz 03-15-2010 12:53 PM

raleys: from cable to boat...
so i hate to start another raley thread, but having had the chance to ride some cable a little bit this winter, i was able to learn some air tricks and really want to take the raley to the boat. the raley on the cable actually came very easy for me (thanks casey at ski rixen!) as i landed the very first try and i think every one after that, about 6 or 7 total, so I am familiar with how your body should be in the air/landing/etc.

my question is what are the key steps (mostly in the approach and release) to taking this to the boat? is there a moment where you "flick" off the middle/top of the wake? do you just sit back on edge the whole time and the wake will flick you automatically? or is it much different than i am imagining?

i tried some wakeskate raleys behind the boat last summer and they either turned into huge layed out backrolls or front flip type things and it was not comfy . most likely because my head was not straight off the wake or something to that effect. but i like i said, i have successfully learned them on the cable and since then am quite confident that i can get them behind the boat. just need to know what i should adapt or impliment to carry it to the boat. thanks in advance.

MDW2 03-16-2010 7:31 AM

Jump on the wakeskate again and think about just looking into the boat or out in front of the horizon. I sounds like you're trying to throw it too hard. Yes thats possible, this mistake KO'd me a number of times. When you approach the wake Hard make sure you're CONTROLLED. Then as you hit the top of the wake release your edge and let your feet fly out the back. Don't over think it when you're behind the boat, just try to survive the first few and your experience from the cable should kick in pretty quick.

MDW2 03-16-2010 7:40 AM

Check out my site MidwestWakeCoach.com
The E-letter covers a lot about the mental aspect of learning a new trick.

hyperlite 05-13-2010 4:03 AM

i agree the wake skate trick works. overall the trick is basically the same. just a mental game. this is actually an easier trick than you think.

splashbenidorm 08-02-2010 9:13 AM

try to advance your chest a little over the handle on the release, just keep your chest high and don't let your handle escape too far away. The boat pulls much stronger then a cable.

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