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ferral 03-14-2010 9:25 PM

Kids Setup
I need some advice on where to find a kids setup. My 6-year-old niece is coming to visit this summer and wants to wakeboard like her uncle. I don't want to spend a lot of money on gear with her being so young - she may get out there and decide its just too scary. Any parents have advice on where to get something cheap, maybe around $100? Or what size would be right for her? Thinking around a 109?

ferral 03-14-2010 9:30 PM

I forgot to mention, I already have been looking on ebay and craigslist with no luck.

baitkiller 03-15-2010 12:24 AM


Bass pro has this hyperte setup for 180$. The trick is not getting something too big. You should be able to find a 119 O'Brien system for about 100$. Too bad you missed the one on the ride for relief auction. It went for 87$.

The best is the new Ronix Vision. 120. great size, lite nice bindings and rocker. But its about 329$ wherever you go. If you were closer Id sell you the O'Brien so I can buy the Ronix.

Good luck and check the local West Marine and Bass pros for manager specials.

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