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pcolajosh 03-14-2010 7:33 PM

Non-Stock exhaust systems
Hi all. Just wanted to see what was out there for modified exhaust systems. Any experiences to share?

I'm currently in the process of redoing my exhaust system. Factory was 3.5" risers into a Silentmaster muffler, then out the back. I'm going with 3" risers into individual 3" stainless mufflers into custom stainless thru hulls into a FAE. I would have liked to keep the 3.5", but parts and other costs forced me to go the 3" route. I have been told that there is no real drop in performance, but we will see when I get it all done.

OBTW, this is all on a 1999 Mastercraft X-Star (205V hull) with the LTR 330 horse motor.

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