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baitkiller 03-14-2010 6:56 PM

Well Cam and I took the first set of the season today. Cam took 15 minutes and collapsed in the cockpit. I did about that in three pulls and for some funny reason it hurts.
Let me explain........ My frgg;n hair hurts. My arms ache in in back, down low and on top. My quads and calves hurt. My abs feel like I did 200 crunches.

Normally I work the rower all winter and ski moguls. But life has gotten in the way this year and well,,,, i haven't done much except work this winter.

Big mistake. For you guys waiting for ice to melt I offer one suggestion: get your azz to the gym or on a bike or something before you take that first spring set. The older you are the more sorry youll be..
This ain't funny... i am hurting here and it's Sunday night. No Patron allowed.. :(

zoodsmak 03-14-2010 7:07 PM

But was it worth it?

yeeeeeaaaaahhh :) always is!

gti2lo 03-14-2010 7:22 PM

I know the feeling well!

It's worth it... going to the gym and being active helps, some reason you just don't work the same muscles as you do boarding

jondextan 03-14-2010 7:55 PM

it's actually called wakeboarding coz it WAKES UP all your dormant muscles! hit the gym! i should too. LOL!

hockeysk8er222 03-14-2010 9:09 PM

There are perks to being young... like not hurting after a day at the lake.

ferral 03-14-2010 9:59 PM

yup, same for me earlier this week. didn't do much all winter and that first day on the lake put me into a lot of pain. Absolutely worth it.

benjaminp 03-14-2010 10:53 PM

I love the feeling the next morning when you roll out of bed and find all the sore spots. Its nice to be able to ride a few sets without feeling like you are going to die, but I dont complain when I feel worked the next morning. It lets me know I put yesterday's gas to good use.

mc_x15 03-15-2010 7:24 AM

I hear ya, went to Jamaica and got one pull and could barely walk. Been a non working out winter for me too. Time to hit he gym i guess.

baitkiller 03-15-2010 8:34 AM

still hurts
Pretty tight today. I think I'll drag Cam out of school early Wednesday and go for another burn. That should loosen me up and get us geared for the three a week schedule from here on out.

But wow... ouch. I always hit the rower hard a month or so before a ski trip and I guess I had better get back on that thing. BTW, no better machine than a good rower. This thing will kick a gym rats butt no problem... hehehh.

captain_vilfo 03-15-2010 10:22 AM

stretching always helps too!

ColoRadDude 03-15-2010 11:28 AM

I am definitely looking forward to my set this year, but I hate the idea of being sore for a week. I've been going to the gym all winter, but for whatever reason I still feel like an old man for a week after my first set.

Any suggestions on how to prepare your self and be less sore?

bcrider 03-15-2010 11:30 AM

I always find it funny that the first few times out I am completely winded in no time and clost to panting if I can make a normal set length. Then by the end of the season you can ride for a lot longer. It's different muscle groups and I find they hard muscles to try and train for the pull. Beginning of the season it's always my grip that suffers....just not used to holding on to the handle.

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