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adambarry 03-14-2010 3:08 PM

INT Norcal questions
this year I'm going to go the the events up here, depending on the locations, and I was wondering what to expect boat-wise. I want to compete in intermediate and I was wondering what line length you can usually run on their boats. We just put much more weight in our boat so I don't want to come from riding a long line and be totally not ready for a smaller wake or shorter line if that makes any sense at all. Also the point system is a bit confusing to me. So in the intermediate class it says that 1300 or so points is the limit per trick. I do my tantrums with Indys so is that considered 1100(Tantrum) + 400(Indy) = 1500. So I can't do that trick unless I move up a class? Even in advanced the trick cap is less than 1500 so I'd have to move to Expert to do the trick or just not do it and compete in my skill level right?
Thanks for any help ahead of time

wakedad33 03-14-2010 3:24 PM

Adam, no worries about wakes, Nor Cal INT slams all the tow boats, I think the grab on your Tantrum is only + 50 points, unless they changed that rule. Glad to see you coming out to the events, Chuck, Linda and their NorCal team puts on events 2nd to none!

Good luck this year, you will have a blast:)

adambarry 03-14-2010 5:30 PM

Oh awesome I though it added the 400 onto the trick but that's good to know because I do not have style on my tantrum without the indy hahah. I'm looking forward to it.

hillbilly 03-14-2010 6:37 PM

Randy is correct on both things . Plus 50 for the grab and yes they are great events and are all a great time !
Int. you get 6 tricks per pass 1 invert and 1 360 max and 2 falls (done after 2nd fall) . You cannot repeat tricks in the same pass.
But you can do the same tricks in the second pass, each direction down the lake is a pass.

Chuck,Linda or Peter will respond to this thread probably. I suggest going to at least 1 event and trying it out, Don't be afraid to ask ?s they will give you great advice and explain the rules to you
(they often have to explain rules to me and I've been going for 4 yrs now I think).

Most ppl in the Intermediate class run 75 feet. I've never had a bad wake at a Nor Cal INT event.

I look forward to seeing you there, We will be on the dock around the same time as I ride Masters and it is an Intermediate class also.

ferral 03-14-2010 8:25 PM

I completely agree the other guy. I went up for my first contest at the end of last summer. Chuck and Linda run a great event and I felt very welcome. Hope to see you there this year.

deltawake 03-14-2010 11:02 PM

The intermediate wake will be good. Plenty enough to do a tantrum. If you are grabbing your inverts, you will be bumped to advanced. My advice is if you truly only have one or two inverts, then ride intermediate and do them without a grab. If you have more than two inverts, ride advanced. You'll be pushed to progress faster. As for the NorCal INT events, IMO, you absolutely will not find a better grassroots event anywhere. They're a ton of fun!

adambarry 03-15-2010 9:45 PM

RIght now I have 2 inverts solid and 1 progressing. Tantrum, ts br, and learning the crow. I have 360's toe and heel 3/4 of the time but I probably will have those all dialed as of June so should I just compete in advanced if I have those all on lock? The only ones I can grab is the tantrum, and I might learn an indy on the ts br by then as well, and occasionally a nose on the hs 3. From the trick list it looks like advanced is r2rs and stuff like that which is a bit ahead of where I'm at so that's why I was thinking intermediate.

deltawake 03-15-2010 9:54 PM

With that trick list and just a little bit of progression, you will be very competitive in Advanced. A trick that can really help you in advanced is the BS 180 Both HS and TS. If you ride intermediate, you will either bump to advanced by the end of the season, or you will have to halt your progression. I recommend advanced.

adambarry 03-15-2010 10:17 PM

Yeah I think I'm going to aim to compete in advanced, if not by the first event, at the very least by the second event. Thanks for all the help guys. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone out there in June!

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