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Laker1234 03-13-2010 6:43 AM

Radio Problems
I have a JBL stereo and a booster that Correct Craft put on their 2003 models. The problem is when the radio is tuned up past 23 on the volume the sound goes out and won't start again until I turn it down. I've also had some crackling in the speaker system. Anybody have a guess at where I should start troubleshooting?

calvolson 03-13-2010 9:32 PM

Initial guess is to start with the deck as the volume thing could only be related to that unless the deck just isnít getting enough power or grounding out in some weird way. Which I guess would still be the deck. Maybe that will take care of the crackling as well who knows.
If you donít feel that itís the deck a little more info on your setup would help.

pdqwrx 03-13-2010 10:25 PM

Ron- My first suggestion would be to take the boat to a qualified shop and have it looked at. A good shop can probably diagnose the problem in under an hour. It could be bad gear, bad connection, bad speakers or some combination of all. I would also start by charging the battery. If the characteristics of the cutting out change with a battery charger installed then that helps point us in a direction...


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