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jdancho 03-12-2010 3:13 PM

Lake Cumberland Houseboat Rental
Sometime this summer we are going to plan a trip down to lake cumberland and rent a house boat for a week. I was wondering what companies there are for renting houseboats that are priced cheap and still have nice boats. (I know there is the state dock but they seem pretty pricey)

Also was wondering of some peoples experiences down there, one of my friends went down there for a bachelor party once and said it was a blast.

ajf4242 03-13-2010 2:52 PM

Check out alligator dock if it is still called that and grider hill. I believe beaver creek rents houseboats through a company called waterways and I believe burnside does the same. If I were you I would check out alligator.

3star 03-13-2010 3:10 PM

jamestown rents boats as well. state seems to have newer and better boats than the rest but they are pricy

IndyMC 03-13-2010 3:43 PM

Check the forum and houseboat rental pages here:


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