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jarrod 03-12-2010 12:21 PM

Derek Cooks TS 5 back to 3 Video
I love this move. I've only seen it on Facebook. Couldn't find on you tube.


lfadam 03-12-2010 6:13 PM

sick trick! wrapped+grab+elephant spin=a cool creative trick. nice work

dudeman 03-12-2010 7:38 PM

I love Derek's style. He's like a Ninja.

pureblue 03-12-2010 7:40 PM

Man I just can't tell what is going on there. I tried pausing the trick. I need a slomo version.

waterdork88 03-13-2010 11:38 AM

It looks more like a wrapped grabbed toeside 5 rewind 180 to me


kyle_L 03-13-2010 5:26 PM

wrapped ts fs 5 rewind 3...andrew adkison has been doing this trick unwrapped for years

waterdork88 03-13-2010 9:53 PM

I'm not necessarily disagreeing I just don't understand.

He comes off toeside and does a 5 (looks like he is going to land heelside) then he rewinds... and makes it a toeside landing. I'm just no seeing where a 3 comes in :confused:

wakeboardern1 03-13-2010 10:44 PM

i was thinking it meant he was rewinding it 360 degrees, like you guys, but it just meant that he rewound it 180 degrees to a toeside 3 instead of a toe 5...

sidekicknicholas 03-14-2010 9:16 AM

540 - 180 = 360

Remember Danny Harf's first trick in 12 honkeys... he does a huge elephant/rewind 5 to 3....

thats a sick trick .

waterdork88 03-14-2010 9:57 AM

Ok that makes sense :)

Its been years since I've seen 12 honkeys, can you explain step by step what Danny Harf did because what I read made my head explode haha

sidekicknicholas 03-14-2010 10:05 AM

He comes in TS, hits a double up, pops, spins a big lofty FS spin.... he passes 360 and gets to like 450/540 and then brings it back to 360 before he lands.

I always just called it a elephant 3 .... it was really cool looking

pureblue 03-14-2010 11:41 AM

Now I see what everyone was saying haha. I also thought it meant do a 540 then do a 360 the other way. Has anyone ever done a 360 one way then done another 360 in the opposite direction?

waterdork88 03-15-2010 12:48 AM

I think its possible, seeing as how huge Bob goes with his nosegrab 3 rewind bs 1... But I think it would take a lot of energy to get that much momentum one direction and change it that much to another... I think it would be more energy than the average skilled rider would want to place in a move like that. I think it would look funny, almost like they did a move and then they crossed out that move before they land.

kyle_L 03-15-2010 11:53 AM

I really doubt you could do a fs 3 to a bs 3 off the wake. It would be possible off a monster double up hit with a lot of slack but would take some serious muscles.

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