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pariswake 03-10-2010 1:04 AM

Maintenance Cost

What would be a very conservative all inclusive US or EUR maintenance amount (in a high maintenance care scenario including winterisation/unwinterisation costs) to provision yearly on an 06/07/08 SAN210TE with about 200 hrs, based on 50 hrs yearly utilisation?

1st purchase looming / Any feedback is appreciated.

baitkiller 03-10-2010 4:04 AM

Hi Emanuel what you are asking is the cost of ownership. That, my freind is a lot of variables. Just insurance and storage could vary 25% region to region.
Maybe it's like the old saying:
"if you have to ask..."

99_slaunch 03-10-2010 5:10 AM

Who's gonna do the work you or the dealer?

gdavid 03-10-2010 8:10 AM

You asked for maintenance costs, are you only looking for maintenance specifically or all anual costs associated with the boat? If you are interested in a complete anual cost I think we should start with a complete list of yearly costs, here is what I can think of.

Maintenance-~$500-$1500 for do it yourselfers and ~$1000-3000 for shop to do everything
Registration (boat and trailer)~$50
Storage~$0 store at home-$2000 anual boatel
Marriage Counseling~$?

Please feel free to add/adjust

adam4x4 03-10-2010 8:20 AM

Marriage Counseling = perfict pass. this will help a lot!!!!

pariswake 03-10-2010 8:59 AM

Aaron = Dealer maintenance
George = maintenance cost + winterisation & unwinterization (not inclusive of storage).
I am trying to gauge how much maintenance $$ I will roughly spend on this boat on a per year average (50 hrs of utilisation, 3 years).
Not married, so no counselling costs !! cheers!

nauty 03-10-2010 1:11 PM

I just did annual maintenance last week. I do it all myself and here's what I paid:

- Changed impeller ...Dealer charged me $45 for the impeller (they are $34 from Skidim.com)
- Oil change - $19 and change for 5 qts of oil and a filter
- V-drive oil $4 for Castrol 30 weight

Where you live will also have something to do with it. In Texas the off season is much shorter, so I do not mess with fogging the engine or adding anti-freeze. I simply drain my block/manifolds and add Sta-Bil to the gas tank before putting her up for the winter. When Spring rolls around I change the fluids and impeller. I also change the oil every 50 hours.

So unless something out of the ordinary pops up (bent prop, strut, rudder, shaft packing, etc) maintenance costs me about $100 per year. However, last season I tore up two props and a rudder. The rudder cost me about $250 (installed it myself) and the props were each $110 to have re-conditioned.

There are other expenditures that may or may not apply to you depending on where/how you store your boat. I keep mine in my backyard, so I do not have any storage fees. However, I do need to drop $400-$500 on a new cover every 3-4 years.

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