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psudy 03-09-2010 10:02 AM

I guess it could be a tow vehicle or a boat!

rbeckei 03-09-2010 10:29 AM

I do believe it is called "The Caspian Sea Monster" It can only fly around 50Feet Max off of the sea, but it can take alot of load

john211 03-09-2010 11:06 AM

That's pretty cool. I never knew of such a thing. I looked it up on Google and, sure enough, it is the Caspian Sea Monster.



The Caspian Sea Monster

There is a saying: ďIf itís ugly, itís British; if itís weird, itís French; and if itís ugly and weird, itís Russian.Ē

kraig 03-09-2010 12:59 PM

As I was looking at this monstrosity I was thinking "When was this thing built, during the Cold War?" And sure enough, I click on the above link and it says that it was built during the cold war. They're not caring for it very well.

SkySki 03-09-2010 4:57 PM

Can you say group buy? I am in.

hockeysk8er222 03-09-2010 5:02 PM

I don't even know where you find this stuff...

gwnkids 03-09-2010 6:21 PM

Brings new meaning to "Mobile Missile Launcher"

h2ohangtime 03-09-2010 7:09 PM

Looks like the Russian version of the Spruce Goose.

rallyart 03-09-2010 8:47 PM

That's funny Cole.
What I like most about this is looking at the obvious additions to both aero and hydro packages. Definitely a development mule.

SkySki 03-10-2010 12:07 AM

Google Translator -

fhu667 03-10-2010 9:13 PM

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