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tbb1798 03-08-2010 4:58 PM

So i know that this has been asked in various threads before, but I'm looking for feedback about some of the winches on the market, and also people who have built their own...

What does the average winch build cost? Are some of the cheaper (1500-2500) winches reliable and good for deep water starts, or are the more expensive ones like the grinch better bang for the money?

Lastly, does anyone have the link to that forum where those kids posted the "How to build your own winch" that had all the specs and detailed instructions...

Thanks for the help..

snwmot 03-08-2010 5:04 PM

it just depends on how much ur willing to spend dude building ur own can cost anywhere from $500 on up to $1200 and then some it really just depends on what u want ur winch to do as far as manufactureres go u should probly go with pulldozer there the most reliable and strongest winches out there im about 240 lbs and the pulldozer will deepwater start me and pull me around 30+ i i want it to and ive never ever seen one break unlike the grinches.

lfrider92 03-08-2010 9:24 PM

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i built my own winch, and speant around 1100$ on it, mine is so over built its redic. its so rock solid. the heaviest person to deep water start with my winch was around 220 lbs, and it popped them right out of the water. i weigh around 190, and it deep water starts me and gets me on plane faster then our boat does. i have my motor adjusted (the governor) so it pulls at around 24 mps at full throttle, but i can easily adjust it to get more speed. i just find it easier to set for around that speed considering 99% of the time i winch on a wakeboard i only ride around 22.

i rode with scott^^^^ around 3 weeks ago and we hit up my rail, and we where doing chair starts all day, and he was popping out of the chair and riding super quick. scott is building his own as well, and i have a parts list for all the major parts from when i built mine with the cheapest places i could find them (links). i also have basic instructions to go about building one. if your interested in the parts list, send me an email, id be happy to forward it to you so you can get it started if you decide to build one.


if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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