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jondextan 03-08-2010 4:19 PM

Oak - to fin or not to fin
hi guys, i'm excited to receive my Oak Fur Chucker 41" i got for a good deal in ebay. i've only ridden huge boards of my firends (Catalyst 114 and that huge byerly) and rode them without the fins as they have this channel sort of design on the base which i would guess could substitute as fins.

i ride cable only (for now), as the local cable park is only 10 mins from where i live. i also heard that to appreciate Oak skates, one has to ride them with the fins on 'em. to fin or not to fin, that is the question? i'm basically new in wakeskating and hope to get good suggestions from you.

also, the the Udder a good thing?

wakemitch 03-08-2010 4:50 PM

you wont need a fin, especially if you are used to riding finless. the oak is going to sit in the water deeper and be more stable than your previous compression molded boards.

the udders are great for lock in tricks like noseslides, crooked grinds, blunts. since you are riding at a cable you can have a lot of fun with those.

jondextan 03-10-2010 7:09 PM

thanks mitch, appreciate it! :D i guess i'll stow away those fins in the bag first when i try it out. can't wait!

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