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dirwoody 03-08-2010 11:22 AM

Thoughts on 05 VLX
400 HP, new engine and tranny. This would be replacing an 01 X-star. Good move, or bad move?

bill_airjunky 03-08-2010 12:13 PM

Nice boats if their equipped right.

I'm not much of a fan of the Illusion tower or the Hammerhead. The Illusions were made by Metcraft, same bozo company who made POS towers for Calabria & Tige. Now their out of business because their quality sucks. The Illusions tend to go thru bushings & pin inserts, especially when you load them up with gear.
The Hammerhead has gobs of torque. But they tend to use oil..... like a quart or two every tank of gas. Just the nature of the beast.

tampawake 03-08-2010 1:02 PM

If that is the VLX with the 98 in beam it might be worth it but if its the 93 inch beam vlx I would not do it.

boardnxtx 03-08-2010 2:57 PM

Love my '07 VLX, traded up from an '04 Nauti 210. I haven't had any issues with my Illusion tower, so no complaints so far. The boat has been great. There is a 3-year difference in my trade, so there were obvious improvements made to the VLX over that time period. The quality of the BU is great and I like the deep interior more than the shallow Nautiques.

I'd say go for it and don't look back...

adam4x4 03-08-2010 3:08 PM

How come the new engine and tranny??? was there that many hours on it??? it's just an 05.

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