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skongolf 03-06-2010 2:29 PM

Quick Amp power wire question.
Getting ready to finally put all my gear in the boat since it is getting about that time to head to the lake and I have a question about amp power wire runs. I am going to be hooking up a 1000 watt arc audio amp for my tower speakers and an Arc 400 watt amp for my cabin speakers. I know It is recommended to run 4 awg from the amp to the dist block then 0 awg to the battery. My question is, with 0 awg being so expensive, does matter if I run 4 awg for the long run and mount my amps near the battery or mount the amps closer to the head unit and do the longer run in 0awg? Just curious if it makes a difference. I have a few more mounting options keeping the amps closer to the deck than the battery. Just curious if there is a difference at all.

camassanger 03-06-2010 4:31 PM

I used 4AWG for the long runs. Used 1AWG for first 2 feet from battery -> fused dist block -> long runs of 4AWG to amps

calvolson 03-06-2010 11:53 PM

I thought this might help. You can find similar charts all over the 12 volt community on the web.


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