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corbin 03-06-2010 8:03 AM

Fuel Filter
So I've got one of those basic fuel filters that looks just like an oil filter for a Chevy 350 but I was wondering if anyone is using the style with the clear plastic bowl on the bottom that can be drained? What are the differences and are they changed just as often? Is it worth the extra money? Looks like I can get one with the bowl at West Marine for about $35.00.

99_slaunch 03-06-2010 8:57 AM

Yes you should change them just as often. IMO it's not worth the extra money. I would just keep what you have.

wake_upppp 03-06-2010 2:04 PM

Only slight advantages. With the drain you can bleed off the water accumulated as it is heavier than fuel. Secondly when you're changing fuel filters or any other reason to open the fuel sysytem on a fuel injected system where pressure is high, around 15psi and up, you can use the drain to relieve pressure before fuel system service. As far as changing it, as stated above, it should be serviced at the same intervals. IMHO, it's not worth the extra money.

rallyart 03-07-2010 7:52 PM

I agree with Sparky. The cool part of the clear bowl is that you can see if water is getting trapped and you cannot see that with the oil filter look ones. The uncool part is that it gives you a place where gas might leak which is never good.

jimmy_z 03-07-2010 8:06 PM

X2 on the denying the extra expense for the clear plastic bowls.

Over time they arent so clear anymore and you might as well be looking through a brick wall for water in your filter.

srock 03-08-2010 6:28 AM

I have had both types of filters and there are a couple varieties of the "oil" filter type. The thing I did not like about the "oil" filter looking type is on a couple occasions the top of the filter rusted. That does not belong in the fuel system. I like the filters with a clear bowl and paper filter insert.

corbin 03-08-2010 6:39 AM

Thanks guys, I think I'll just go with the regular filter, I don't have a local place to get it so I guess I'll order one from West Marine or Overtons... Thanks again

baitkiller 03-08-2010 7:14 AM

33CFR-J 183.590ab
Just a PSA guys. The three piece water separating filters must have a metal bowl if installed on an inboard boat. The clear ones are OK for outboards. The reason is the 21/2 minute burn test for all fuel system components described in the above CFR.

Chances are nobody but me would ever notice. But now you know..:D

The spin-on jobs are fine. Just change them every year or as needed.

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