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lzyboy 03-05-2010 4:15 PM

Bullards Bar - Camping
We try to make a trip to Bullards every year & either stay in the group campgrounds or Schoolhouse but was consedering Dark Day this year. For those that have stayed in Dark Day - do you have a recomended site #? Would you recomend grabbing a double or pairing up a couple singles? Chances are we will be going late July / early August - Thanks in Adv.

mcrider 03-05-2010 5:56 PM

Don't know the #'s, but pick one in the back...some of those are just a couple min walk to the lake.

lzyboy 03-05-2010 6:37 PM

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Thanks - I presume you're referring to 8 & 10, or maybe 6 & 8? I threw up a pic as well - anyone else have any 411 / feedback - thx!

dohboy 03-05-2010 8:01 PM

Made our reservations for July in the group site for the flushing toilets. That was a must have for the wife. Can't wait. Went for the day last October after reading the thread from the CIE guys and loved it. That lake is crazy and the water is crystal clear.

mcrider 03-06-2010 8:40 AM

yep either 8 or 10 are good and you also don't get as much of the smell from the crapper there

beryessaboarder 03-06-2010 10:18 AM

Did you consider shoreline camping and renting one of the 45' party cruisers?...You would get alot more space/privacy, be able to have a spot right on the water and still have the bathroom kitchen and gas grill with cruiser. That is an option i'm looking at since I don't think I can get enought people to chip in on the full house boat cost. Just a suggestion. Either way you can't go wrong. Bullards is awesome!


adambarry 03-09-2010 2:37 PM

I love that lake.. waterslides are the best! and well.. you know, i guess warm, glassy water is cool too...

steezyshots 03-09-2010 3:44 PM

Here they are on Facebook if you like bullards add them


Billy_at_Bullards 03-09-2010 4:20 PM

Thanks for the plug Efrain! Your hired! Same to you Riley, it's going to be a awesome year!

Billy_at_Bullards 03-09-2010 4:26 PM

Aaron - 8 and 10 are as close as you will get to the shoreline -

wakeboardertj 03-09-2010 5:12 PM

My friends and I do an annual camp trip there every year towards the end of july, and usually stay at 3D. The double site is nicer otherwise our party usually ends up in the other camp spots which are a lot closer together. If you don't want to camp by 20 college students go early August :) lol

denystaucd 03-09-2010 6:20 PM

... I was just up at Englebright and Bullards for work monday and the water temps were right around 48 F.

wakeboardertj 03-09-2010 6:29 PM

48! brrrrr. I'm hoping to take the boat out next week while l'm on Spring break... Time to invest in a dry suit

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