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stew_barns 03-04-2010 1:40 PM

Best CGA Vest???
What is one of the best CGA vests out right now? I need a new vest for riding cable and want the thinnest, longest vest possible... any help?

Luker 03-04-2010 1:48 PM

Really? I'm so so f*cking sick of these threads.

Do a search.

behindtheboat 03-04-2010 1:50 PM

Helium SWAT
Thinnest, slickest and one of the most mobile you can find

cjh1669 03-04-2010 1:56 PM


Originally Posted by Luker (Post 1558571)
Really? I'm so so f*cking sick of these threads.

Do a search.

No need to be a prick, the guy is obviously new to the forum. If you don't like the thread don't open it.

jps912 03-04-2010 1:56 PM

Haha i need a new vest too I just didnt want to start this thread cause there are so many on vests. Any imput in the thinnest cga side entry would be much appreciated

behindtheboat 03-04-2010 1:57 PM

My Helium is side entry.

The general consensus will be:

Helium SWAT
Jet Pilot Murray
Oneill Law

cjh1669 03-04-2010 1:58 PM

The oniel law is really flexible. I prefer the oneil revenge, but it's a little stiff around the midsection due to the hidden buckles

Luker 03-04-2010 2:44 PM

cjh... dudes been a member since 2008. Just sayin

benjaminp 03-04-2010 4:10 PM

Yeah I agree, the Helium Search Feature, I mean SWAT, is a really nice vest, its nice and long, thin, floats really well, and looks pretty sweet too (artificial sixpack).

texastbird 03-05-2010 5:32 AM

Yeah. And what non-CGA vest will float me best? Noone has ever asked that before either.

C'mon Summertime

ldeisel42 03-05-2010 5:43 AM

alwake.com if you are tried of the thread, don't click on it, read it, and then reply to it.... there are thousands more threads to read

Luker 03-05-2010 6:52 AM

I'm with Dan!

and LD you're right man... there r thousands of threads about CGA vests I could be reading ;) haha

luke22885 03-05-2010 7:31 AM

Are all of the Helium Swat vests CGA? I was looking at them on their website and they look really thing and dont list if it is CGA or Non CGA...

behindtheboat 03-05-2010 7:49 AM


The more expensive one's, and the one's with two buckles are majorly the approved ones.

Paisley, Chrome, Houndstooth, etc.

Luker 03-05-2010 8:16 AM

That houndstooth is a pretty rad looking vest.

devildog_ra 03-05-2010 8:39 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Hey Stew, in 2008 I got a black jet pilot o.g. cga vest and i love it. to me its not bulky because it is thin and spreads the floatation matterial evenly over the entire area of the vest instead of in certain spots. it allows for full range of motion and looks gangsta. I found it hard to find now though. here is a pic of a brown one.
and the specs
Jet Pilot The O.G. Side Entry Neo Vest
-Shane Bonifay's New Signature Model
-Side Entry - US Patent Approved
-Flex-Lite Side Neoprene Stretch Panels
-Thin "Low-Bulk" Design
-Mesh Drainage Gussets
-Sublimated All-Over Print
-Screen Print Details

US Patent approved technology, pioneered, tested and preferred by the Jept Pilot team.

Ultrastretch super light neoprene. Freedom of movement with minimal resistance.

Super strong flat seam construction for added durablility & comfort.

Hidden Webbing
Belts are hidden & secured beneath the neoprene layer to prevent snagging.

Articulated pre-bent, form fitting design for added comfort and less resistance.

Available in men's sizes XS/SM(34-36), MD(37-39), LG(39-41), XL(41-43), XXL(44-47).

Brown. USCG approved.

wakebrdr38 03-05-2010 10:11 AM

Ryan, I have been looking for that vest and cant seem to find one. Anyone know where I can order one? I really want the black and red version

devildog_ra 03-05-2010 12:22 PM

hey kevin try this site

it even says you can save 0%!!!! lol


bobenglish 03-05-2010 6:22 PM

The JP OG side entry looks great, but retains water and can get heavy. Or at least mine does. The Helium swat and LF Watson CGA are significantly lighter and more flexible than the JP OG SE.

rmcronin 03-06-2010 5:38 AM

I'm NOT f'ing sick of these threads. Vest shopping myself. Thanks, and now my decision was made for me.

Woody 03-06-2010 2:38 PM

Out of all the helium vests, what vest would you guys recomend for a short stocky guy? Hounds Tooth, Paisley or celtic?

rourker 03-06-2010 3:35 PM

Gotta go with the Helium SWAT. Not for a short guy, but it's comfortable and not too bulky. I'm 6' and it runs to the waist. Picked one up last year, love it.

stuntmonkey 03-06-2010 8:26 PM

Jet Pilot The Cause. 6'3 200lbs here. Fits great.

behindtheboat 03-08-2010 5:40 AM

Heliums do run a little longer than some. Once I got used to the length i actually like it now

Most of them are the same/similar design. The hounds tooth looks to be different from the Paisley/celtic.

stew_barns 03-08-2010 9:39 PM

Thanks everyone who gave some positive feedback, looks like I helped a few of out as well.

And luker,,, this is me doing research ;) why waste my time reading individual vest reviews that all say the same thing when I can get some actual input from people with personal experience.

point, stew.

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