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dizzyj 03-04-2010 1:32 PM

zr6 transmission fluid change
got an 07 236 with the zr6.

when I go to change the tranny fluid, im only getting ~a 1/2 quart out of the tranny by sucking with a pump through the dipstick. Im assuming there should be a lot more in there? anyone change their own tranny fluid? any hints? I've worked on all my boats, and never had issues getting fluid out. is it possible thats all there is in there?

tdc_worm 03-05-2010 5:56 AM

c'mon homie, you know who to call on this crap. Page 31 of your PCM Owners Manual:

"All PCM Power Plus V Drive transmissions are designed to be maintenance free. Inspect the fluid after the first 25 hours of use and annually thereafter. Fluid should only be changed if evidence of contamination is present."

by the way...taking off for the bird at 630 am manana!

dizzyj 03-06-2010 8:19 PM

ya, sorry, my bad :(

have fun at the bird!!! should be killer

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