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antbug 03-04-2010 11:57 AM

Happy Anniversary!!!!
To my beautiful wife. 3 years married today and loving every moment! :D

bcrider 03-04-2010 12:12 PM

Stop Lying!!!!

She must have watched you type it.lol. Just kidding......congrats!

seattle 03-04-2010 8:00 PM

Three years???

Crap... time flies by.

Congrats, if Lizzy puts up with you and the boy as well as she puts up with guys on here like me, you sir have one hell of a find!;)

trevorg7 03-04-2010 8:44 PM

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Just sayin...


dohboy 03-04-2010 9:58 PM


lizzyb 03-05-2010 9:22 AM

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Awww, thanks babe! Happy Anniversary - thank you for everything. I love you.

Thanks for the well wishes everyone.

Since Cliff brought him up.. I couldn't resist posting a picture of Matthew. Two years old and growing up so fast!

zo1 03-05-2010 9:44 AM

Happy Anniversary....

What is the 3 year gift? A trip to Jim's for the only quality cheese steak in the world?

lizzyb 03-05-2010 9:59 AM

I'm so glad you know where the best Cheesesteaks in Philly can be found.

I've been talking about taking Anthony back east to visit for a long time. Unfortunately, we're heading to Mexico later this year to lay on the beach instead. Ah, damn! :D

zo1 03-05-2010 10:14 AM


Beach in MX vs South Street. thats a tough one...

lizzyb 03-05-2010 10:22 AM

Jim's now sends Cheesesteaks fed-ex... you never have to go to Philly again! If only Lorenzos would ship a pizza..

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