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sangerlover 03-04-2010 9:15 AM

Totally pissed!
I keep my boat in my carport next to my house fully covered and boat cover on and pulled real tight. I go out to check on it yesterday and I here a noise from inside the boat so I uncover the boat and what do I find ? A stray cat with its kittens all bundled up under the bow compartment. So Im thinking what damage could there be ? Well, the frickin thing clawed up my carpet in 3 different areas down to the fiberglass. I just felt sick knowing there is really no way to match carpet now so it really turns into a major deal. :mad: How that cat could get under the boat cover with the ropes drawn tight is so unbelievable. LIve and learn I guess.

adam4x4 03-04-2010 9:32 AM

I kind of had a same problem. I had a nabor cat get in mine a spray this last summer. It was a pain to get the sell out. I thought that i was going to have to replace the carpet....... The cat took a road trip shortly there after.....:)

acurtis_ttu 03-04-2010 9:37 AM

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This comes to mind.....

tyler97217 03-04-2010 10:01 AM

oh Adam that sucks. Sorry to hear man. Might be an excuse to get all new carpet. That boat will look brand new again. Good luck!

adam4x4 03-04-2010 10:15 AM

Love the FREE CAT!!!!!!

calexan 03-04-2010 10:17 AM

Dude that sucks about the carpet. It is a good excuse to get new carpet though! Do you have any vent holes in the cover it could have squeezed threw?

I hate cats, but i had one living in the engine of my tahoe for about a week. Luckily i had just gone done cleaning my air filter and heard it meow. It had made a nice little home where the radiator fan was. That could have been messy. I had to get him out for the next couple of days.... then he found a home in a shoe box and was taken to a park, by some other homes that it could harass.

mc_x15 03-04-2010 12:34 PM

I find it amazing how cats can pretty much get in anywhere. Sucks about the crapet. At least it wasnt the seats

elc 03-04-2010 3:50 PM

I have a carport also and I went out to check on the boat this past weekend I noticed little paw prints on top. I never would have thought it could get under the cover!

sangerlover 03-04-2010 6:12 PM

If I pull the the cover away from the sides of the boat I get a 2" gap between the rubrail and the cover. But for a cat to get through the 2" gap while sitting on the fender it would have to jump and at the same time wedge his body between the rubrail and the cover. I traced the muddy foot prints on to my interior so I do know thats what happened. Still am amazed at it

monroeyd 03-04-2010 8:37 PM

I feel for ya man. Like Rob said, atleast it wasn't the seats.

soundbox 03-04-2010 11:34 PM

FYI. I called Sanger a couple weeks ago to look from some OEM carpet for a V215 and they had it in stock.

piggie 03-05-2010 12:44 AM

my flatmates cat sleeps on the cover of my boat everyday and i am constintly scaring him off but every day i come home to find him laying back on it .. i have threatened to shave him as he is a big fluffy cat with a white belly and you could imagine how that looks on a black road cover :eek:

dohboy 03-05-2010 7:20 AM

What did you do to the cats? Bad enough finding them there then you got to figure out what your gonna do with the boat wreckers.

sangerlover 03-05-2010 7:53 AM

My 12 yr old daughter made the cat a bed for its kittens in the backyard and are currently still there. They would have been in a bag had my daughter not been there. We will take them to one of those cat shelters as soon as the kittens are few weeks old. I hate cats!

fatsac 03-05-2010 8:34 AM

I just cringed reading this! It seems about one in every 10 cats are enjoyable to be around.
My dad had an old work car we named ALF. So many cats mistook the engine area for a home. ALF's last victim must have weighed 25 pounds. Fan belt, shroud, fan, it even dented the hood!

adam4x4 03-05-2010 8:59 AM

I give them a FREE RIDE ride out of town.... They at least get a chance to become farm cats. They better be good mouse hunters!!

acurtis_ttu 03-05-2010 9:29 AM

I used to use one of those high powered water guns ( think it was a super soaker?) to shoot at my dogs to correct bad behavior. It worked pretty good.

Most cats hate water...when you catch the little bastard anywhere near your boat, unleash the water cannon on it.

Pet smart sells pellets that release a smell that dogs/cats hate. It's used to get them to stop pissing in certain areas of your lawn. My dogs hate the smell. You coudl try putting a bowl of those pellets under the cover.

sidekicknicholas 03-05-2010 9:32 AM

Leave a dish of anti-freeze in there.... problem solved.

roomservice 03-05-2010 9:53 AM

I love cats...boiled or fried.

hockeysk8er222 03-05-2010 2:34 PM

My brother's cat just bit my finger as I was reading this, he is messing around with the computer constantly, and actually lays on the keys as I am tyyping... Grrrr....As for the cats in the boat, I agree with Nick... nobody would ever know it was on purpose:D

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