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kamighazi 03-03-2010 12:22 PM

Hey my Texans, looking for some Lake Amistad info
Hey guys, we're planning a 3 day, out on the 'ol boarder lake and we had a couple questions about the place. If you've been there or know about the place i'd really appreciate the input.

Where is the best place to ride?

Where is the best place to drop anchor in the boat house?

Are there any shallow or bad spots to look out for? I know the lake has a pretty good amount of water in it lately so i'm assuming we'll be good.

Safety. being a boarder lake, are there any real dangers. (i.e. Should we come packing?)

How often can we expect to be hassled by the Law (game warden, Sheriff, Constable, etc)?

Is the lake in or around any dry counties?

any sort of input would be great. If y'all have any other good info please dont hesitate to post up.


wakekat15 03-03-2010 1:28 PM

I've only been once and we stayed in cabins, so I'm not much help. Post up on the Austin site - several people there go to Amistad quite often.


tl7 03-03-2010 4:16 PM

We went last year. Can't answer as far as the houseboat, but there are several places to ride. Just keep putting around and you can definitely find a spot.

We were stopped a few times by wardens/border patrol. Never had any issues, just the normal jacket and fire ext. check. I think being on the border they patrol it a bit more, so be careful with drinking and driving. Make sure someone is a DD.

Never had any issues, but I was packing. Just kept it in a towel by the battery. You never know.

Can't remember where we stayed, but I wouldn't recommend it anyway. Just know that you will have a great time out there it's beautiful.

pickle311 03-03-2010 8:51 PM

We generally stay at a little place called Ruthies. It's not nice by any means but we always have fun there and it's cheap. You can ride on the devils river where it enters the lake, but we tend to not get the best water there. If you go to the ramp on the other side of the lake and put in, you will find glass for miles if there's no wind. It's right by the boarder and I've always been told not to venture into the Mexican waters.
For dropping anchor and chilling, go up past the bend on the devils river. It starts getting shallow up there but if it hasn't rained in a week or so, visibility is usually 12 to 15 feet down so you can see when to stop. We will find a nice spot that's 8 to 10ft deep and chillax.
It's a huge lake and a lot of fun. We go a few times a year.

paublo 03-04-2010 12:04 PM

I've been on it a few times and it is a great lake. A guy on the Tige Owners site rented a houseboat last summer and did a nice write up with lots of pics.

jcollinge 03-04-2010 5:23 PM

I've been there a couple of times. Best place to put in is Rough Canyon then go up the Devil's arm. You'll find lots of protected places to ride even if it's windy. Plenty of places to anchor with a house boat. Here are some pics of the location:


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