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antoddio 03-03-2010 8:49 AM

Help buying Merc extended warranty
I got a letter from Mercury trying to sell me an extended warranty. I'm not usually a fan of those things but have considered it because I am a heavy user of the boat and also for resale value purposes.

I've tried to contact my dealer, but haven't been able to get a call back from the guy responsible for selling them. I just wanted to get another quote for this thing. Wondering if there are any dealers or someone that knows of a dealer that would quote me with the possibility of making a quick buck. I'm interested in the Merc warranty, as I trust that more over an extended warranty company, no matter how good their finaicial situation seems now.

I can provide the serial # of the engine and any other info. It's a 5.7L black scorpion. 2007 model, but just bought it a year ago.


silvermustang35 03-03-2010 8:54 AM

When we had our I/O we had the Mercury extended warranty. It was through Tracker Marine kinda too, but we didn't have to take it to a tracker dealer. Any Mercruiser certified mechanic could work on it and it was a $50 deductible and it covered most everything. It was good for 7 years and it was only 1500 more if memory serves me right. It was transferable as well. Didn't really help on resale but its a good piece of mind. You should be able to call Mercruiser/Mercury up directly and they should be able to help. If I had the card still with the number, I'd help ya out. Good Luck. I know I didnt help any, but I thought I would say since we have had it, It was nice to have that piece of mind for sure, especially if you use it alot.

antoddio 03-03-2010 8:58 AM

Thanks. I can buy it through Merc, but at least when I was looking at buying one on a jet ski a few years ago, I got a huge discount through a dealer vs. the price bombardier was offering. I just wated to check.

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