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pierem 03-03-2010 3:55 AM

To all the system 2.0 in north USA
So I have been looking to build a 2.0 in Belgium for the 2011 season. Belgium is pretty much the only country in Belgium that does't have a cable park (we have the Netherlands in the north with about 10 cable, France in the south with almost 20 cable and Germany on the right with about 60 cables).
I'd rather build a 2.0 (than a 5-6 towers system cable) because it's way less expensive, it's way easier to get the authorizations, you need a smaller lac, it only takes one day to set up,... Plus if you don't make enough income, you can pack up the 2.0 and sell it back. The risk is smaller.

I have been looking to 2.0 in the north of USA as it's pretty cold like in Belgium (I would run my 2.0 more or less 6 months per year). The watersport community is smaller in Belgium than it's in the USA and that is what I'm scared of because with a 5 towers cable you will have a lot of people that will come to ski or kneeboard or try a wake with straps,... But with the 2.0 it's pretty much only wakeboard.
So my question is: What kind of public do you have at yours 2.0 , only hardcore wakeboard rider, or as well young beginner that as never rode before but that became totally addict, family with a few children that will also have a drink and food,.... ?

Sorry for my long text but it's pretty hard to know if there's a chance that it will be rentable and your 2.0 seems to be the best way to compare.

Thanks a lot

sidekicknicholas 03-03-2010 6:08 AM

The system 2 I go to is in Wisconsin is about at the same latitude (just as far north) and there is usually a good mix of novice to advanced riders. The cable here is in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE too, and they still get business... It is located in the snowmaking pond of a ski hill.... as far as creature comforts it has a rental/ticket office which sells snacks and drinks, a beach for people to hang out, some tables, music system, and a TV and xbox for people waiting....

You may want to contact them for more exact info

good luck!

pierem 03-03-2010 6:51 AM

Ok thank you for the infos! I would also put a snack with beach,TV,..as it might bring way more people if the place is nice to hang out.
I will contact the wisconsin park to check if they can give me some infos.


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