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roughrivermike 03-02-2010 3:06 PM

How about a water temperature thread?
Ok, it's march 2nd and it has been a bad winter. Many of us will be heading down south this spring for a little water time. I was wondering how difficult it would be to have a weekly or semi-weekly report on WW that would let us know what the water temps are at some of our favorite destinations.
If we could get reports from friends in Orlando, Tampa, Texas, etc. I think that would be great! We would need some volunteers to supply the info, but I'm sure that if I were there I would be happy to do so. Maybe Kat Laird in Orlando? :D What does everyone think?

boutwell_43 03-02-2010 3:12 PM

Milton Fl water temp 52...It was 74 air when I went, not to bad. But we have one warm week then the next its freezing....come on spring!

acurtis_ttu 03-02-2010 3:26 PM

Houston, Texas. Lake Houston and the river that feeds it is hovering around 50-52 right now. Very cold for this time of the year.

I think galveston bay waters are in the low 50's too.

Luker 03-02-2010 3:42 PM

Alabama = upper 50s at the moment

themann39 03-02-2010 3:43 PM

This is just going to depress me. There were 3 trucks driving on my home lake last weekend.

lfadam 03-02-2010 3:45 PM

yea this winter has been extremely cold in my region, not good for the start of riding season...still hoping to get out in a week or two

Blacksburg, VA-38 deg

Im shocked that several FL locations are still in the 50s! Even low 50s...crazy

sidekicknicholas 03-02-2010 3:50 PM

Ours be the look of it is no more than 32*

cjh1669 03-02-2010 3:56 PM

My lake is still Ice covered, but it should stay in the 50's this week during the day and just above freezing at night. We should see some melting by Sun. Hopefully we're in the home stretch and will not see any more prolonged freezes

canucked 03-02-2010 3:58 PM

VERY frozen still in Alberta.

at least 3 months till we are looking at some liquid

dirwoody 03-02-2010 4:02 PM

20" of ice here in NE

downfortheride 03-02-2010 4:09 PM

1 Attachment(s)
O man the ice just broke here in UT, to bad 75% of the lake is still frozen!
Attachment 176
Sorry water temp: DAMN COLD

bill_sloan 03-02-2010 4:11 PM

We're still frozen, but it did almost hit 60 today.

ajholt7 03-02-2010 4:15 PM

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Still too cold for me.

wakekat15 03-02-2010 5:19 PM

Lake Harris (Central Florida) was 51 degrees this past weekend. Given most of the lakes around here are shallow, we should warm up pretty fast once the air temps consistently reach 70+ (hopefully that will be next week)!!

seth 03-02-2010 5:37 PM

Lake Nacimiento in Central Cali is in the low to mid 50's

andy_nintzel 03-02-2010 5:39 PM


wakesurfer08 03-02-2010 5:44 PM

+1 on FROZEN!!!

roughrivermike 03-02-2010 5:45 PM

Depressing nationwide. We'll be coming down to orlando 4/1. Hopefully things will be looking up by then. Kat, I knew you would chime in.

westsidarider 03-02-2010 6:32 PM

Between 52 and 57 on the delta here in NorCal. Trunked it the last 4 times i have been out

hughes144 03-02-2010 6:50 PM

No idea about my lake (lavon, Northeast of Dallas). I have not rode since December because of all those weird snow we got! :mad:

But people around DFW said it's in low 50s.

stang_killa_ss 03-02-2010 6:55 PM

Central Texas
Belton lake water temp 51

1niceharley 03-02-2010 7:05 PM

DFW Texas, Eagle Mountain was 45 degrees 2-28-10

otown_dave 03-02-2010 7:28 PM

Still in the 60's here in Orlando..

mcb611 03-02-2010 8:12 PM

most lakes have a web site and if not most marinas do and they usualy keep the temps. up to date so check them out

wakebrdr38 03-02-2010 8:13 PM

Tx Mastercrafts private lake was 52 not last saturday but the saturday before.
Ray Hubbard outside of dallas was low 40s a month ago and I rode it.
Im going to try and ride this weekend too

rnopr8 03-02-2010 9:46 PM

mid 50's today at Canyon in So Cal. I was so pooped after my set today that I actually just stretched out and rested for a few minutes.

wakeskierbrad 03-02-2010 9:57 PM

Sarasota, FL- Sarasota Bay Water Temp 58degrees, air temp 60's this week, warming up to low 70s on Sunday. Water Temp was up to about 63 last week, but another cold front came through again and it dropped back down to like 55, so it's on its way back up!

monroeyd 03-02-2010 10:45 PM

Columbia River, South Central Washington State - water temp around 43 and air temp in the 50's.

chrishopf 03-02-2010 10:47 PM

49 at ECWP in Greenville, North Carolina

rallyart 03-02-2010 11:34 PM

Drilled a hole 16" deep and found water. My seven year old and her friend grabbed ski poles and tried to fish with it so I didn't get to check the temperature. I'm going to guess it was just about 32 :rolleyes:

wakekat15 03-03-2010 2:04 PM


Originally Posted by otown_dave (Post 1557637)
Still in the 60's here in Orlando..

Dave - where are you finding water that warm? I need to go there!

wakeboardertj 03-03-2010 2:41 PM

49 degrees in the foothills of Northern Cali, I wonder how long til the lake hits 60....

otown_dave 03-03-2010 2:46 PM


Originally Posted by wakekat15 (Post 1558038)
Dave - where are you finding water that warm? I need to go there!

Oh, I think that was the water inside my wet suit,It did not last long:o

blowhole 03-04-2010 6:29 AM

12" in NY

huntingwiley 03-04-2010 6:59 AM

Charlotte NC
Lake Norman 43.9

devildog_ra 03-04-2010 8:25 AM

43 at lake alan henry around lubbock tx :mad:

srock 03-04-2010 8:53 AM

My pool was at 68 last week. Much too cold to go in.

soonerwake85 03-04-2010 10:05 AM

Texoma 44 degrees

elc 03-04-2010 10:26 AM

elsinore was 58 last week.

nj_alex 03-04-2010 10:38 AM

Measuring the Shrinkage Factor
My riding spot is still only 38
Here's where I go for water temps http://www.delawareriver.net/temp.php

andy_nintzel 03-04-2010 12:40 PM

still frozen.....thank god for grequent flyer miles!~

dizzyj 03-04-2010 1:26 PM

lake austin low 50's much colder than this time last year. Think due to all the rain.

68 degrees with 52 water and a drysuit is money tho.

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