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sunsport22 03-01-2010 12:38 PM

New board
hey guys im 5"11 185 and ride a hyperlite imperial 135 cuz i liked how little it was but now im starting to realize that its too small any suggestions i have slingshot driver boots so i wouldnt mind changing to slingshot and im about an intermediate rider 180s grabs stuff like that

wakerider111 03-01-2010 2:31 PM

135 is definitely too small. i think 137 should be the Absolute smallest you should go. closer to 140 would be preferable IMO
if you get a slingshot board i would suggest a 142 size. it would not be too big. the boards are so light (especially swing weight wise) that the 140's sizes are beneficial. i am 6ft 165lbs and ride 142 slingshot board.

i love the slingshot boards and won't go back to traditional foam cores again, but would YOU feel the same?
try to demo if you can. the amount of flex and the rocker type in boards are the most decisive characteristics for accentuating your riding style

ajholt7 03-01-2010 2:34 PM

I am about the same size as you. I ride a Slingshot response 142 and love it. http://www.tigeowners.com/forum/imag...ies/2cents.gif

sidekicknicholas 03-01-2010 2:40 PM

I have a 2009 142 Slingshot Recoil (boots too if needed PB Floyd) I'm looking to sell if you're interested... NEVER USED, pm me if interested.

My board or not slingshot is AWESOME, you'll seriously love their stuff, I rode the imperial for a little while for the pop and the slingshot is 10 times better.

Slingshot all the way

mcb611 03-01-2010 2:54 PM

You need at least a 137 and a 140 would probably be perfect for you, but before you buy one you really need to analyze your riding style and them compare the boards and get the one that fits you. Personally I like a board to be the smallest it can to fit me because its easier to control and move around during tricks, i also like the continuous 3-stage rocker.

sunsport22 03-01-2010 6:18 PM

thanks guys that what i was figuring all along does anyone have any suggestions about hyperlite boards

BigTEX 03-01-2010 11:30 PM

Definitely size up and get the 142 recoil. I have ridden the imperial and the recoil is the only board in slingshot's line that offers the same 3 stage vertical pop that your used to. That being said the slingshot reflex is a great mix between a 3 stage and continuous rocker line. Thats the board I'm on now after switching from the 09 recoil.

adrien 03-01-2010 11:43 PM

Slinghshot is top of mind here, but I think you should also check out the new LF Watson flex board... I got to fiddle with it at the Utah boat show and really liked it. I have not ridden it yet. There is lots to say about it, but for now and for what its worth, I would consider picking one up if I was in the market. I ride SS Recoil 142 and am 5'9" and 175 lbs. I love it and strongly recommend Slingshot.

mcb611 03-02-2010 7:22 PM

i ride a 2006 hyperlite era and its a really good board with spins, the pop could use a little work though

sunsport22 03-05-2010 12:55 PM

so it sounds like slingshot is going to be a good way to go now i just have to get rid of my board or trade for something thanks guys any more suggestions let me know

innov8 03-05-2010 1:27 PM

Demo the boards you are interested in and then make the decision on what you like.

Good luck.

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