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strizzo360 02-24-2010 6:32 AM

Just wondering what the scene is like, and where to ride.

gdavid 02-24-2010 12:11 PM

I live in the area (1/2 hour to the south) and will give you the best overview I can. Most of the friends I ride with live in Annapolis so I trailer up to them most of the time. <BR> <BR>To my knowledge there isn't much of an organized "scene" right in annapolis, you will see riders out on the water but I don't know of any network of riders that really exists. It's very possible that I'm wrong about this and I'm just an outsider but that is as much as I know. The closest boardshop is Skihaus off of route 50, there is probably a group of riders associated with them and could point you in the right direction. In DC there is a more organized "scene" centered around <a href="http://www.dcwake.com" target="_blank">www.dcwake.com</a> these guys mostly ride on the Potomac river and Lake Anna in Virgina, some also ride in southern Md on the Patuxent river. <BR>Annapolis is a really big boating community so the waters are always busy with sailboats, cruisers, fishing boats and whatnot. You will see people out wakeboarding and skiing behind whatever they have like fishing boats, jetboats, and runabouts but there are few full on wakeboard boats in the area. There is limited protected water and much of that is restricted by no-wake zones. Weekends on the water in Annapolis can be a total cluster. People ride at the north end of the Severn River and any other place along the river they can find some sheltered water but this can be a really high traffic river on the weekends. If you can get out on weeknights or early on weekends it is much better like the difference between night and day. <BR>Just south of town is the South River (imagine that) which I have no experience with at all because the only public ramp on it is $20 and it is not worth putting in elsewhere and running over to. <BR>Further south of annapolis is the west and rhode rivers. The head of the rhode river is my preferred spot to ski in the area especially in the evenings. There is more protected water, and while it is heavily it is less hectic than the Severn in my opinion. <BR>Further south is the Patuxent which offers lots of protected ridable water and doesn't get much traffic at the northern end. The problem is a lack of public ramps. <BR>North of Annapolis is the Magothy which has some nice areas to ride but that is about an hour drive from me so I never ride there.

strizzo360 02-24-2010 9:02 PM

Damn man thanks for the info. That was one of the most detailed answers I think I have ever gotten on this, haha. <BR> <BR>I appreciate the help. I have applied for some jobs in the DC/Annapolis area so maybe ill be seeing you out there. What kind of boat are you guys riding off of? Any smooth water on these rivers?

gdavid 02-25-2010 3:58 AM

Any of these rivers can be nice and flat at the right time. Finding a spot with low traffic is just as important as finding a spot protected from the wind. It isn't a particularly windy area in the summer but there is a moderate sea breeze and land breeze cycle, you can usually expect flat water early in the morning and late in the evening which is when traffic is lowest as well. We get some days where the whole bay is as flat as a pond and you could ride for miles if not for heavy boat traffic and wakes. The further you get away from Annapolis proper it is easy to find a quiet area to yourself. <BR> <BR>My boat is a 19' i/o bow rider. It has a black tower and a green stripe on the hull. It's easy to pick out because often there are seven of us packed onto the thing and a dog. It looks like a group of refugees seeking political asylum. Your welcome to join us any time, I'm planning to de-winterize before May.

jeff_mn 02-25-2010 5:51 AM

I'm in DC right now. I wish it was 2 months later.

homedawg678 02-25-2010 5:56 PM

Annapolis scene is weak. I know a couple people on the severn river with boats, but besides that not much. <BR> <BR>I live about 20 minutes from Annapolis though.

straussman 03-03-2010 8:09 PM

gdavid --I might take you up on the offer. Sounds like the best place to ride is Severn River.

Everyone--Thanks for all the info.

gdavid 03-04-2010 6:05 AM


I sent you a pm with my contact info. If we get a little more interest off of this tread we should create a new group (under the community tab).

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