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jeff_mn 02-23-2010 1:11 PM

Anyone who rides or has rode a Transcend, chime in. I picked mine up this fall but was only able to take two sets on it before it was time to winterize. <BR> <BR>What do you guys think of this board? I scooped up an 09' Platinum. Obviously very light. I rode with the longer fins in and it felt VERY locked in. I have a feeling I'll ride the shorter fins this summer. Felt good on edge. Pop felt good, landings felt pretty soft.. <BR> <BR>What are your opinions on the board aside from the fact that the platinum core has snapped a time or two. ;-)

bremsen 02-23-2010 1:45 PM

I picked up that platty as well. I've still got a month or so before I get to ride it. Definitely interested in what fins (if any) guys are using. I'm retiring an 04 absolute that I rode finless and loved.

lionel 02-23-2010 2:39 PM

I ride the shorty fins, the board is as loose or locked in as you want it to be. Switched to a Slingshot Reflex and Recoil. I'm far from a pro, but the slingshots are amazing on glass and land a little softer. Platty pops great, better confidence in light chop to rough water! <BR> <BR>(Message edited by lionel on February 23, 2010)

stephan 02-23-2010 2:59 PM

This will be my second year on the Transcend, it is by far my favorite board that I have ridden. I used to ride an Absolute and the Transcend is much more predictable and smooth. It has a good pop and a great edge. I ride the foam version and haven't had any issues with it, last years still looks brand new. <BR> <BR>I ride it without any of the fin extensions and feel that it is plenty grippy without any fins. Plus the release off the wake is awesome for spins. <BR> <BR>When I got mine last year it took me about three minutes to have it totally dialed. First time I've ever got on a board and instantly stomped all my tricks, I was definitely sold!

jarrod 02-23-2010 4:05 PM

X2 on " my favorite board that I have ridden" <BR> <BR>Love at first ride for me since the second gen Transcend. I rode the 07-08 with no fins, and added short fins when I moved to the 09. For me the Transcend is the right amount of everything. The speed of the board (medium to fast) works well with my timing. Pops huge, It lands soft. You can tune the amount of desired edge hold. Light. I love everything about it. I rode the same platinum board all last year and finally broke it on the last set of the season. It took a good beating.

dabell 02-23-2010 4:18 PM

I like the idea of being able to add extentions to the fins and remove them when the different conditions are there. The long fins were WAY to long for my liking and locked me in more than I liked. But no fins seemed way too wobbly for my liking. The fin right in the middle was perfect for my riding. <BR> <BR>Landing soft was another concern with this board but I would say it definitely lands softer than the previous boards that I have had or tried out.

02-23-2010 7:15 PM

SIIIICK BOARD.... deff ride the short fins or none at all... I ride it finless and love it. the pop is big but more importantly CONSISTENT... love that board

bogartsomeday 02-23-2010 7:49 PM

Rode the 08 and 09 last season...both shapes are really good. I rode without any fin extensions which was almost perfect but i kinda wanted it a little looser but i obviously couldnt go any shorter on the fins cause i rode without them lol. I suggest riding without them, the boards holds edge plenty well and the release off the wake is noticably better.

ferral 02-23-2010 8:10 PM

I got the '09 foam core for about the last third of last season. I love that board, great pop, great edging. I ride with no fins.

dirwoody 02-23-2010 8:44 PM

I ride it w/o any extensions, granted I'm coming from a finless Marius, so it feels super locked in to me, but all in all, I absolutely love it. I've ridden a lot of boards, and this is the only one which made me think of switching from my Marius - Loved that shape, but after a set or 2 on this thing, there's no looking back

jeff_mn 02-24-2010 5:32 AM

Damn. <BR> <BR>Nothing but good reviews. I'm stoked to get out on it this year.

mc_x15 02-24-2010 7:00 AM

I broke my Plat the first set out. Returned it to CWB and they were out of Plats so I got the regular core. Little heavier, no big deal. Love the board, locked always, edges amazing, good pop. I use the shorty fins or non at all.

baitkiller 02-24-2010 7:33 AM

I ride an '09 regular core. As I mainly cruise and carve I cant offer much in the way of performance comments. However guest riders seem to leave their board in the rack and ride mine if that means anything.

toesideturtle 02-24-2010 9:12 AM

Transcend with the new Vapor bindings---best set up of all time for me. Great pop, soft landings and very consistent. Vapor bindings are very comfortable with a good flex to support ratio and I love the velcro--no more laces for me ever!

jarrod 02-24-2010 9:30 AM

^^^^ New vapors are sweeet! Low cut, soft, open toe! I rode the prototypes last year.

guido 02-24-2010 11:00 AM

My favorite board to date..... I've had 3 of them now. '07 reg core, '08 platty and '09 regular core. I still have them all and they're all in one piece. I broke one platty last year, but it was an Absolute and IMO a total fluke (I don't really break boards). <BR> <BR>This year I'm changing up to the Faction because I think it's a ton of fun also. Last year I tried to do the same with the Absolute, just to ride something different. That only lasted a few months. We'll see how it goes this year. I think I'll be able to stick to the Faction, but I'll always dig the Transcend. I rode it without any extensions. Never even tried them. I thought it was perfect without. For me, there wasn't any difference between the '08 and '09 in terms of ride. Essentially the same, though I never rode them back to back on the same day. <BR> <BR>And yes..... The new bindings are SICK! I've been lucky enough to be riding the '10 Factions since last summer. Soo light, and really comfy.

stang_killa_ss 02-24-2010 11:30 AM

how does it compare to the DB9?

jarrod 02-24-2010 4:20 PM

DB9 is very different. It's the Faction shape. The Faction/DB9 is much faster and smoother. I haven't figured out the ideal fin configuration yet. Out of the box, the fins were too much for me. The DB9 lands a little harder than the Transcend (for me) if I'm not carrying speed out into the flats. I had sets where I felt it popped better, and sets where I felt like it didn't. A little harder to time for me. Just need more time on it. <BR> <BR>I'm actually on the DB9 this year. We'll see how it goes.

jeff_mn 05-14-2010 10:58 AM

I've been riding my Transcend this year so far with the short fins.. I'm contemplating taking them off all together for a weekend and see what I think.. Sounds like some of you guys are riding this thing finless.

I made this thread in February. Anyone having good luck with the Transcend this year? I'm hoping my platinum core holds up through this summer.

cwb4me 05-14-2010 11:09 AM

i had a 07 platinum then i rode the 09 marius it suits my style better.just ride what you feel comfortable on.

bogartsomeday 05-15-2010 6:58 PM

Jeff- I def think you should try riding the board without extensions. I use to ride with them all the time. Had the long ones on, moved to the shorts, then my buddy suggested none at all and i was super hesitant....after riding without them i never threw extensions on the board again. I just think the board handles great without them but its all personal preference of course. Your board should hold up, if not then the c-dub warranty program kicks a**!!!

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