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brendonwilmoth 02-23-2010 12:26 PM

does anyone know?!

okcwakebrdr 02-23-2010 12:58 PM

Probably as soon as it is warm enough to get in the water! They are working on the leak last i heard from them.

stew_barns 02-23-2010 1:58 PM

Are they getting any new rails out there??? There is potential for a good cable out there just no one either knows what they are doing with a cable or wants to put in the time and money to build some good rails... I would probably rather drive a couple hours south to hit one of the new Dallas cables then drive an hour north to go to Mawi. Come on Boat and RV world, please put a little bit of money aside maybe even give Pat Panakos a call or the guys at McCormicks and build some solid rails. Seems like an easy business decision for me. You have good rails= more people coming out = increased boat sales = increased exposure through videos. Just a suggestion.

jdwake1 02-23-2010 2:08 PM

<a href="http://twitter.com/MAWI151/statuses/9355636037" target="_blank">http://twitter.com/MAWI151/statuses/9355636037</a> it says they open march 12th! Glad you like our rails stewart! ;D

joeshmoe 02-23-2010 3:41 PM

now there's a reason to go to oklahoma

dlwsrider 02-23-2010 8:15 PM

The guys out there know what they are doing, and have been planning a few new things. Opening date is march 12th.

brendonwilmoth 02-24-2010 7:54 AM

okay sweet last summer i olnly got to ride twice due to a broken ankle, but the summer before i rode at the cable cow-c which is now mawi every day all day! so this summer i think ima buy a new season pass.

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