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leigh 02-22-2010 11:23 AM

We are trying to put down a deposit on a townhome for our vacation. The owner wants us to pay him the deposit through Paypal. He keeps saying he sent the message to Paypal to send it to us and we are not receiving it. He double checked the e-mail address and it is correct. We keep checking our spam folder along w/our inbox, but no invoice yet. <BR> <BR>Any ideas as to what the problem might be? Could there be some type of setting that is preventing us from receiving it?

phatboypimp 02-22-2010 12:58 PM

I smell scam.....In order for you to pay him through Paypal, all you need is his email address. He doesn't need to send paypal anything. Although I don't know how this would be a scam because he is making harder than it needs to be. lol

colorider 02-22-2010 1:04 PM

do you have a paypal account? If so, log into paypal and see if there is record of his request there. If not, he is doing something wrong.

denverd1 02-22-2010 1:31 PM

yea, something's up. He should be sending you invoices or payment requests. Could be something simple, like he has your email address wrong. <BR> <BR>He should have a point of sale site that could take your payment. I agree, its a bit fishy and not sure of paypal's policy on transactions that are outside of ebay. You buy something on ebay that turns out to be a scam, you're covered all day long. Not the case with stuff done outside of ebay...

colorider 02-22-2010 3:06 PM

at this point, I would ONLY let him take a credit card from you direct for a deposit. Would not touch the paypal now.

bmcgorrin 02-22-2010 3:24 PM

I had a similar problem with paypal last year. I could log in but I wasn't getting the emails someone was sending. I checked my list of emails that were filtered (through my email provider) and there was <a href="mailto:service@paypal.com">service@paypal.co m</a>, listed as a blocked address. Once I unblocked it I was able to receive the email. Take a look and see if you are having the same problem

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