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benjaminp 02-21-2010 8:17 PM

So I bought Rewritten on Friday at the (disappointingly small) Detroit boat show, and just thought I would post up my initial thoughts for anyone else looking to get a new video. <BR>I really liked the vid, first off. They did a bunch of different stuff in it to make it stand out from the crowd. Instead of doing individual rider sections, they split up the sections by location. It all seems to be in and around Florida, mostly at different rider's houses. Gives it more of a team vibe, which is what they were going for I'm sure. They also had some different music. A few of the songs were just instrumental, which I really liked. It make it more of a background thing so that you really focus on the rider instead of the tunes. It was also kinda trippy music. There was more lifestyle stuff in the video as well, just little clips of the team messing around between riders and whatnot. I like that it gave the vid a really relaxed feel, instead of the intense "hammers all day, business not pleasure" feel of a lot of other videos. And finally, no commentary on the state of the sport, the personal struggles of the athletes, or the industry. Which added to the lighthearted feel of the video. Not trying to be inspirational or anything like that, just a team of guys messing around doing what they love. The commentary has its place in other videos, but this one was awesome without it. <BR>And a few other little comments. Looked like BT was riding a Byerly Blend the entire video, Mike Schwenne wore out that tweaked indy grab of his (it looks good, but he just did it way too much), why was Murray wearing 08 boots doing something as crazy as a plane related stunt (no spoilers), and Murray's handle tree looked pretty cool, anyone else done that?

jasonpav 02-21-2010 8:21 PM

Not to forget, the video intro was insane

benjaminp 02-21-2010 8:41 PM

Wow, as if I didnt mention the intro. It alone was worth the money.

n00b 02-22-2010 1:39 AM

While I agree it does a lot of things differently to traditional style wakeboard DVD's and the intro was very good. It doesn't have the life of other wake films, for me at least. <BR>The instrumentals get annoying quickly, like after 2 viewings. <BR>I bought it at the same time as Drive, Out of the Pond, Global Warning and Transgression. And I'd have to say it's my least favourite of the group.

blowhole 02-22-2010 7:25 AM

Transgression music blew

501s 02-22-2010 8:08 PM

I thought Rewritten was a great video too, more laid back. Its cool to see the pro's just being normal guys goofing around. <BR> <BR>I really have to agree with the comments about Schwenne, I mean is that the only way he knows how to grab and tweak his board? Just plain ugly to me, and it got played out after the 5th time. <BR> <BR>Intro was all time! <BR> <BR>I thought Transgression (both the movie and the music) was sick, my favorite video yet.

blowhole 02-23-2010 5:25 AM

i had to mute it, but thats just me

kcrider 02-23-2010 2:42 PM

I really liked the transgression music but I have to be in the mood for it. I'm thinking of getting the rewritten vid and after this review it looks like I'm going to.

02-23-2010 3:00 PM

get Box of Fun instead!

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