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watson_134_lf 02-20-2010 10:58 PM

Just got back from the Grand Rapids boat show in Michigan, and ive gotta say it was probably the best $9 ive ever spent. <BR>Despite the fact that I want a new boat more than ever, I got to meet Parks and Phil Soven, both of which are super cool dudes and super approachable. <BR>Parks was awesome about signing the barrage of merchandise I threw at him and I talked to Phil for a while about the new LF product and he was super insightful about all of it. <BR> <BR>overall, Im stoked beyond words to have met Parks and Im really glad I got to meet Phil too because I definitely thought he was super stuck up, but hes actually really laid back. <BR> <BR>Picked up the Park's Documentary when I was at the show too and I have to recommend that you watch it if you havnt already! <BR> <BR>anyways, super stoked right now and thought Id share!

zoodsmak 02-20-2010 11:20 PM

Alex, <BR>thanks for coming to the show! Working at Action we spend hours planning the show and lots of hours setting up but it's all worth it if we can bring summer to February. Thanks for stopping by! See you at Placid Wake Park this summer?

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