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266crownlinebr 02-20-2010 7:50 PM

I know there was a topic about new boat prices. I would like this thread to talk about what people are actually paying out the door for new and used boats. Everyone can figure out what MSRP and LIST prices are. Just looking for real world no BS numbers. I think it could help a lot of people. Maybe a quick post on what you paid, what the dealer/owner were asking, what options, where you bought it (state at least). Thanks in advance.

nautiquesonly 02-21-2010 8:22 AM

In my opinion this is kind of a question that may be a little too direct. Can I ask you how much money you made last year? That is kind of personal information. When you ask questions like this in such a specific manner you are hurting everyone that owns or sells boats by further driving prices down. I was going to sell My boat but people calling and saying I saw this go for this make it impossible to get a fair price. The seller nor interested buyer have any way to know if the boats are in fact exactly the same with hours options and conditions. Obviously a one year old boat with 1000 hrs is worth less than an equal boat with 50 hours. That is the part that the interested buyer always seems to leave out. Also people on here always say NADA values are low. Well what does the buyer try to use as their guide(At least all I was talking to) They say well NADA is this so I would offer you this. Guess what the offers are usually lower than NADA. I may have a biased opinion because post like this have directly impacted the value of my boat, but in the end it will impact the resale value on what you buy as well. I have had people come on my boat and they ask how much did this thing cost? I tell them it was expensive. Would anyone you or anyone else be a little offended if someone asked you a question like that?

dru1974 02-21-2010 8:43 AM

Love it when boat sales people chime in. Friggin baby

rallyart 02-21-2010 9:28 AM

...and yet Drew, you forgot to answer the original post... <BR> <BR>...as did I. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/wink.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by rallyart on February 21, 2010)

nautiquesonly 02-21-2010 10:05 AM

Not sure guys but I am not a dealer just a guy with a used boat I was thinking about selling last year. By all means if u guys want to tell him what you paid go ahead. I am sure that if he goes to sell the crownline he won't tell his buyer what he actually paid for it. Sorry if I came on a little strong just think it is a little out of line to try and get that detailed of info. Crown If you are in the market for brand new and want to save a ton of money call factory direct and they will usually point you to what dealers have leftovers they want to move.

boarditup 02-21-2010 10:42 AM

I depends on perspective: <BR> <BR>If you are a seller, your price is higher than what most people want to pay. <BR> <BR>If you are a buyer, you want to pay less than what most sellers are asking. <BR> <BR>When the two meet, a deal is struck. <BR> <BR>Would you offer $10,000 more than asking price because you felt like being generous that day? Would you sell for $10,000 below cost because you felt generous that day? Maybe.....

jcocci 02-21-2010 11:12 AM

I'm not offended that he asked. I think some people are going to feel like that is very private info, and others aren't going to mind sharing it. <BR>I do feel like asking someone how much money they made last year vs. asking them what they paid for a boat are not the same thing. You can get a "rough" idea what boat prices and values are doing. Within a 20% range anyway. But there is no way of knowing what someone makes. So trying to equate asking boat prices to asking someone what their income was is a stretch.

amo 02-21-2010 1:08 PM

'09 SAN 210 TE FCT 3 TOWER (no tower speakers) bought in September '09 $73,000. Don't know what the big deal is on this board about what people paid for a boat. For the most part we're all going to pay close to the same +/- $1000-$2500. Flame away.

h20king 02-21-2010 1:39 PM

08 centurion falcon v bought new in may of 09 for $30,000 the boat was a brand new dealer repo so don't expect that price as I believe most of the leftovers are gone and prices are coming back to normal

nautiquesonly 02-21-2010 1:52 PM

Its all good guys. I just don't agree. Drew if me having an opinion on the internet makes me a baby then so be it. Your response brought so much to the thread. I guess you agree with me in a way or you would have said what you paid.

266crownlinebr 02-21-2010 2:23 PM

Dave, sorry if you don't want to answer. I understand where your coming from. I thought that this would help others like myself. I just sold my Crownline 266BR on Wednesday night. It was a 1996 with 7.4MPI. I added a tower, extended swimplatform and added a front bimini just to name a few. I was asking $16000 and got $13500. I bought the boat 4 years ago for $19500. I saved $400 because I didn't have to get it detailed plus $100 for another months storage so I came out at exactly what my bottom number was. I only had it listed on craigslist and it sold within 15 days of my original post. I have been looking at boats for the last couple of months on craigslist and on boattrader. My personal look on this is after I buy something why would I care if people knew what I paid. Prices go up and prices go down. What someone is asking and what someone will pay are usually a different number. If I can help someone else get a better deal than I got or stop someone from paying way more than I paid, I would hope that I could everytime. Nada never shows the right price and you never know what boats are actually selling for. My hope is that we can all help each other. I really don't care if I help a dealer or not. If the dealers have the right prices according to market demand then they wouldn't be hurt by a single thread on a single website. I didn't ask what dealer people were getting their boats from or what person they bought from, only what state they got it from and people only have to give the information they want to. Thanks to everyone that has posted. I hope more people follow that lead. Rambling over.

nautiquesonly 02-21-2010 2:52 PM

It's all good man I didn't expect to cause such a stir. I understand what you mean too and your info may help some but there are two sides to the coin and it will hurt some. I know how people feel about dealers as I feel the same as most. They haven't done their part at all. Like I said before if you are lookin for a smokin deal try to get a hold of the factory of the brand you are looking for and they will point you to dealers with leftovers you could get a deal on. What brand and size are you looking for? I believe you can get a better deal on a leftover than you can get used if it is only a year or two old. Sorry for the Sh%%storm

amo 02-21-2010 3:01 PM

I feel at times that some on this board look at boats as commodities, like cars in a way. When we all know that boats are truly luxury items no matter what price you buy them at. Unless of course you live in Waterworld! I don't fault dealers at all for charging what they charge, it's a luxury item.

dohboy 02-21-2010 3:35 PM

Bought new 08 X2 for 42K last July(09). Lots of good deals last summer due to overstocked dealer inventory. I wonder how this year will pan out?

fman 02-21-2010 4:00 PM

Boat prices are also driven by simple economics, supply and demand. Boats are "luxury" items that people "like" to have, but are not a necessity. And when times get tough, boats are the first item to go off the wishlist or up for sale. When people are coming in the showrooms purchasing $70k+ boats it drives up the price. This was the case during the real estate boom. I asked my sales rep last year when I bought my '08 Supra, "how were people paying for these expensive boats?" His answer was "writing a check on there home equity line of credit. So there 60k boat, financed over 15 years would have a measly $350/month payment. Even though they would end up paying $95k for it over the life of the loan. And now, you actually have to have a good income to purchase a boat especially when financing because banks are not giving away money like they were a few years back. <BR> <BR>This is why we are in this economic disaster today, people were purchasing boats that should have never qualified to buy them on there income level. There is something to say about living within your means. Boat sales continue to drop yearly, I can only imagine prices are also falling because manufacturers cant survive unless they are selling there product, even if it is with less profit margins. Although I heard that the 2010 X-star has an MSRP of almost $100k which to me is unbelievable, but they must be selling them if they can continue to ask that price. <BR> <BR>My '08 Supra 22V had an MSRP of $64,500 it was completely loaded with every option available, I did not even pay anything close to this price. If I were buying a new boat today, I would definitely not plan on purchasing one for the MSRP. Its a buyers market and boat manufacturers are going to have to adjust there prices to survive in this economy. <BR> <BR>Just my .02...

dru1974 02-21-2010 4:05 PM

Got mine here this spring 2010 mobius ls with ALL upgrades for 52000

bakes5 02-21-2010 5:10 PM

98 tige 2200V, 300hr, 315 HP merc, excellent condition, no tower, no perf pass, stock prop, decent stereo -- 17,200 last year

02-21-2010 6:43 PM

Purchased a used 2003 Nautique 210 SANTE last summer. Excellent condition for 32K

newmy79 03-07-2010 11:14 AM

I don't own a boat (yet) but this year am seriously considering purchasing one so I feel like this thread will be extremely useful so I thank Crownline for starting it. I'll keep an eye on this thread for responses on Supra's, Moomba (Mobius), and Malibu (Wakesetter) 21-foot boats so that I can get some ideas.

wakereviews 03-07-2010 11:42 AM

I know MB was offering brand new TWB's and F21's at the boat show for 49.9k

you_da_man 03-07-2010 11:55 AM

Leftover 2008 Moomba XLV with GGIII ballast for $42K and negociated extra stereo/tower speakers.

kstateskier 03-07-2010 1:16 PM

I also don't get why people compare the price you paid for something to what you make. I'll tell anyone that asks what I paid for certain items, but I'm probably not going to let you know what I make! Anyone that has a couple minutes can probably go out online and find exactly what someone paid for their house which is a much bigger investment, so I don't see the big deal on a boat. I currently am boatless, so I don't have any info, but I'll tell you what I paid for my cars :)

SkySki 03-07-2010 4:28 PM

My Project
I have started a folder where I am saving the webpage from boattrader.com on all of the boats I am interested in. I am either going to buy at the end of the summer/fall or next spring. I am going to try and keep a rolling price list for myself. It won't tell me what people are actually selling these boats for, but it can give me an idea of what is too much later on down the road.

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