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watersun 02-14-2010 7:41 PM

I am currently looking to purchase a 2004 X-star, which is the first year of the pickle fork bow. I know a decent amount about the newer style boats, but is there anything specific I should know about the '04s? Is there anything I should look into, any known problems, etc, etc, etc? Also, will the new fly high pro tour ballast system work with the 2004's? Has anything changed with the ballast from 2004 to 2010? Thanks for any help!!!

himain10ance 02-14-2010 9:26 PM

Ive towed a couple to the dock

wakesk8er2 02-14-2010 9:34 PM

no swivel racks, sweet wake.

ponyh8r 02-15-2010 1:59 AM

Early x-stars tended to get spider cracks near the front of the bow by the grab handles. No swivel board racks. The protour ballast will work fine. The ballast pumps and timers have been changed. <BR> <BR>You need to know that the wake is among the best of all time.

jp1 02-15-2010 2:43 AM

Gee Scott you're a big help...what an ass

watersun 02-15-2010 6:27 AM

Yeah, I've rode behind a couple x-stars, so I know what the wake is like. Was mainly wondering if there is anything mechanical, etc. that was a problem in the 2004's? I did see that there was a rudder change in 2006, so I'll check on that. <BR> <BR>Also, does anyone know anything about Magnum trailers? This x-star comes on a magnum trailer. Guy says it was just a lower cost option instead of the factory trailer. <BR> <BR>Scott, thanks for the help man. Very insightful seeing that a lot of boats get towed back to the dock each year...including whatever brand of boat you have.

xstarrider 02-15-2010 12:10 PM

Yup biggest issue was the rudder. Drove lig a pig with the original one. The ballast pumps have also been changed. <BR> <BR>The tower swayed a bit when loaded up with lights and speakers. Also no swivel rack option. Other than that the newer ones as usual just have more bling. <BR> <BR>The original version of the pickle fork one (04) seemed to come off a little on the "cheap" side to me for being an MC. To much exposed glass and plastic, not too many accents. Just my personal opinion on that. Too plain inside. But quality and wake are still there

guido 02-15-2010 12:36 PM

Biggest thing I'd be on the lookout for is the motor. If it's got the MCX it's going to be constantly maxxed out on RPM's if you're hauling weight. LQ9 motor seemed to have a lot of problems and not enough more power to make it worthwhile over the MCX. At some point they put the even smaller throttle body injected motor in those boats. Steer clear of that one completely. It's a total dog. <BR> <BR>The ballast pump impellers flat-out sucked back then. If it hasn't been updated to the newer style impellers, then do yourself a favor and do it right away. <BR> <BR>Other than that, nothing major. Just look for the normal boat stuff. Condition of the interior. Stress cracks, service records, etc. <BR> <BR>Check the trailer for rust and take a look at the tires. Make sure the brakes work. I wouldn't be afraid of that trailer. They should work just fine. The factory trailers are nice, but they're not the only option.

watersun 02-15-2010 12:55 PM

Evan, <BR> <BR>What motor do you guys have in the bonecrusher? The one I'm looking at has the MCX. I would be installing the pro tour ballast plus another 300-400 lbs of lead. What would be the best prop? Thanks for all of the help!

02wakesettervlx 02-15-2010 12:58 PM

I think that the bonecrusher has the 8.1. I have an LY6, and it does just fine with the pro tour ballast.

curtisco24 02-15-2010 4:04 PM

Vinyl not good at all that year check ballast pumps fuel pumps spider cracks in bow and under seats

rwb_xstar 02-15-2010 6:56 PM

I have an '04 XSTAR and have been more then happy. Since my purchase I have only had to change the fuel sender unit (inexpensive), change the impellers (again minor item due to age and wanting the pumps to pump better). Also changed out the stereo (personal prefernce). If you plan to load it down the MCX will be ok, but if you re-prop it when running the PWT ballast you will be a lot happier. And yes, the front is prone to small spider cracks if the previous owner did not take care when loading on the ramp. It can be easy to hit the pickel fork if you don't have the trailer in the right position. Lastly if not taken care of I would check out the vinyl closly for condition. The corners of the front seats were prone to tears and rips.

kyle_m 02-15-2010 7:34 PM

if im not mistaken i remember seeing that the niew crusher has the LY6 in it since its more reliable then the 8.1, the last crusher had the 8.1 in it and that thing sounded beastly

driving 02-16-2010 9:05 AM

You want to get the new OJ 14.75x13 prop. It will really do a lot for the low end with the MCX. <BR> <BR>And, like Evan said, get the new green impellers. I have 1800 hours on my boat with the original impellers and they get used a lot.

watersun 02-16-2010 9:21 AM

Thanks everyone for the help. Also, I may be looking into an 06 X-Star as well. Do those have the new ballast impellers or will they need upgraded as well?

guido 02-16-2010 10:14 AM

Everyone is right on here. We've had 4 stars now. 2 had the 8.1's and two with the LY6. The 8.1's are NASTY. They have sooo much grunt. You can basically sink the boat and they still get on plane. The LY6 is great though. We'll be repropping again this year to try to maximize it at higher altitudes, but at the Delta it hauls a nice load without a problem. <BR> <BR>The MCX will definitely do the job. We've ridden in one with the Pro-tour ballast and a bunch of people and it gets up. It takes a bit, but does fine. I'd only stay away from it if you ride in a small lake or at high altitude. <BR> <BR>Travis, which prop were you guys running on the PWT boat? It seemed to do pretty well up in Reno.

guido 02-16-2010 10:17 AM

BTW... The 06 will likely still have the old impellers depending on production. It's easy enough to tell. Take the cap off one of the pumps and have a look. If it's a black impeller, pull it out and throw it in the garbage. Get the yellow or green ones (I think the green ones are the newest itteration). <BR> <BR>IMO, the '06 is one of the best X's. They have the older style guages that are dead reliable and aren't damaged by the sun. The new dash screen is cool, but has had some glitches on our boats and fades if it gets left in the hot sun. Plus, I like the '06 bimini better.

snowslider76 02-16-2010 10:40 AM

I think the yellow impellers are the old style as well, make sure you use the green ones.

jonyb 02-16-2010 9:24 PM

The front flip-up seat cushions have bases that warp. I had this one in my shop last year for a stereo and noticed something: <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/775389.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR> <BR> <BR>Both cushions did that. <BR> <BR>Other than that, he's had a hard time keeping the ballast working right in it. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by jonyb on February 16, 2010)

guido 02-17-2010 10:41 AM

John is right on. A lot of them do that. MC should cover it under warranty.

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