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02-14-2010 2:56 PM

<a href="http://www.detnews.com/article/20100214/METRO/2140317/Knack-lead-singer-Doug-Fieger-dies-of-cancer" target="_blank">http://www.detnews.com/article/20100214/METRO/2140317/Knack-lead-singer-Doug-Fieger-dies-of-cancer</a> <BR> <BR>What a drag... <BR> <BR>Doug Fieger, the lead singer of the rock band The Knack, has died after a battle with cancer, his brother, the prominent Southfield attorney Geoffrey Fieger, confirmed today. <BR> <BR>He was 57. <BR> <BR>Fieger sang lead vocals on the 1979 hit "My Sharona," which held the No. 1 spot for six weeks. <BR> <BR>He attended Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary School in Oak Park and Oak Park High School. <BR> <BR>Fieger was living in Woodland Hills, Calif. and was being treated at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. <BR> <BR>"Everybody knows they're going sooner or later," Fieger told Detroit News columnist Neal Rubin in a January interview. "I don't know any better than anyone else when I'm going. <BR> <BR>"I've had 10 great lives. And I expect to have some more. I don't feel cheated in any way, shape or form." <BR> <BR>Geoffrey Fieger said the family will issue a statement later today. <BR> <BR>Detroit native Jaan Uhelszki, a former editor at Creem Magazine in Detroit who is now a music writer based on the West Coast, knew Doug Fieger when he had the band Sky, which predated The Knack. <BR> <BR>"He had a radiant talent," she said. "He was determined and pugnacious with big dreams, most of which he achieved." <BR> <BR>Aaron Goff, who taught both Fiegers at Oak Park High School, remembers Doug as talented but less outgoing and bombastic than his brother Geoffrey. <BR> <BR>"He was a nice young man," Goff said. "He wasn't extroverted like Geoffrey. He kept to himself a little more." <BR> <BR>But Detroit News columnist Laura Berman, who grew up next door to the Fiegers in Oak Park, said she never doubted Doug Fieger was headed for stardom. <BR> <BR>"He was one of the most extraordinary people that I ever met," Berman said. "He was the pied piper. He was so charismatic and admired that people would just follow him everywhere." <BR> <BR>Fieger was always putting on dramatic productions -- staging his own funeral with his brother Geoffrey's help when he was about 10 and Samuel Beckett's theater of the absurd classic "Waiting for Godot" in high school, she said. <BR> <BR>"I'm more surprised that he wasn't a big star all his life than I am that he became a star," Berman said. "He always felt destined for stardom and intent on making himself a star."

paulsmith 02-14-2010 3:12 PM

Sounds like an ultra cool guy who lived a very full life. <BR> <BR>RIP

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