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sidekicknicholas 02-12-2010 11:43 AM

I know there is a thread going now, and have been like 10 in the past, but they don't archive Non-wake... so sorry, <BR> <BR>Anyways, I am going to start on monday (I think) I found where I can download the DVD's ... just wondering what I will actually need, I've googled it but everywhere says this or that, sometimes this and that... from those on here who have done it what is the minimum amount of equipment needed? <BR> <BR>and are free-weights better or worse than the band? <BR> <BR>Thanks!

load 02-12-2010 1:37 PM

Nick, <BR> <BR>Free weight vs. bands is preference. That being said free weights! but it can definelty be done with bands. Need a pull up bar. I had no door frames to use. I bought a joist mount pullup bar and put it in the garage. I run from the family/TV room into the garage for pull up sets no problem. A good Yoga mat. <BR> <BR>Thats it! Good luck.

sidekicknicholas 02-12-2010 1:47 PM

Thanks! <BR> <BR>Ladyfriend needs ideas for V-day so I told her get me this stuff and its like a gift that keeps on giving... by me getting a sweet bod.

stepintoliquid 02-13-2010 12:42 PM

The gift that keeps on giving...And Giving....And Giving.... haha

mnwakerider 02-13-2010 1:32 PM

I have been using bands for some time now and I am switching to weights. You probably don't need too much. (25-45# is more than enough). Some of the moves with bands are hard to replicate and I feel like using weights gives you a better range of continuous motion where the bands loose tension at the bottom and/or dont do that well when you need more resistance. <BR>I also like using my pull-up bar as push up bars. I have some bad wrists from snow ski racing crashes and that really takes the force off of the wrists.

sidekicknicholas 02-14-2010 12:20 PM

Haha Kevin, we can only hope... <BR> <BR>For the weights is it best to just buy like all the inbetween weights or just like <BR>15/25/35/45?

denverd1 02-15-2010 9:42 AM

I'd buy a 10 and 20 before a 45. Most of the workouts are high reps and you'll repeat some of exercises. I'd even say a 35 is overkill when you're getting started.

sidekicknicholas 02-15-2010 10:18 AM

I just picked up a dumbbell set that can go from like 2lbs - 20lbs.... figured I could add if need be. <BR> <BR>Thanks, I'm starting today, we'll see how it goes.

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