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masonmeuth 02-11-2010 7:43 PM

Do all super airs have factory ballast?

02-11-2010 7:53 PM

Yep. 2001's only have the rear tanks. Starting in 02 the Team Editions had the mid tank.

masonmeuth 02-11-2010 8:09 PM

How is it set up? I am buying a 2001. Is it easy to set up the middle and front sacks to be automatic as well when added? Thanks

02-11-2010 11:04 PM

There are a lot of different setups you can do for the mid and front ballast. If you do a search for different ballast systems you will find some good info.

seth 02-12-2010 8:40 AM

Dont even mess with the stock setup in the 2001. Rip those things out and go the fly high route with ballast puppies. You will be much happier. I think the stock tanks are only 200lbs anyway. If youre only running those in the back you wont need any weight up front. <BR> <BR>Check out planetnautique for tons of info and pics on SAN ballast installs. Here is a link to my install on my 01. <BR> <BR><a href="http://planetnautique.com/vb3/showthread.php?12077-01-SAN-Ballast-Install" target="_blank">http://planetnautique.com/vb3/showthread.php?12077-01-SAN-Ballast-Install</a>

vr6mole 02-12-2010 8:40 AM

hope this helps. Planning to start install everything next week. <BR><a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/748091.html?1258983537" target="_blank">http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/3183/748091.html?1258983537</a>

flux 02-12-2010 9:34 AM

Seth, I take it you mean if you are only running the factory setup in the 01' you won't need front weight, right?? <BR> <BR>I do completely agree with tearing out the tanks and putting big bags in there. You reclaim storage for trailering.......not to mention the giant frickin booter of a wake that appears. We put the Pro-X 750's on either side of the engine. They probably only get to 5-600, but they fill up the space. You will have much better options for the ski locker, ours has a factory tank. You can fit 500 or 600 in there I think. <BR> <BR>I can't remember our distribution off hand in our 02', but we put a couple bags in the bow as well and have about 1000 in the rear lockers, factory tank in belly (200-300??) and run another 500+ in the bow.

seth 02-12-2010 10:26 AM

Yeah with only the factory setup. I cant imagine seeing much change in the wake at all with only 400lbs back there.

masonmeuth 02-12-2010 7:41 PM

Yea I wasn't planning on actually using the tanks guys I was just curious if they had it since that would mean that it is already plumbed. I put my deposit down on the boat and will be picking it up next month!!!! Do u guys replace the pumps as well? I'm sure that factory ones aren't adequate for 2000+ lbs that I plan on running.

wakesk8er2 02-13-2010 6:56 AM

The factory pumps are micky mouse aerator pumps. Get ballast puppies if you can. I saw the other night that Wal-Mart has tsunami pumps that might fit in place of the aerator pumps that are in there already. It may be cheaper to go that route.

masonmeuth 02-13-2010 8:00 AM

So u can leave the plumbing and just swap the pumps

wakesk8er2 02-13-2010 12:57 PM

I don't think you could do that with ballast puppies. I believe there is a fill pump and an empty pump for both back tanks. You should be able to replace them with something like a tsunami pump or big aerator pump. If you go with the ballast puppies, you couldn't do it. If you go with the ballast puppy, you have thru hull pickup -> hose -> pump -> hose -> fat sac. You can either drain it from the same thru-hull, which pretty much means you only drain while idling, or "T" into the hose and use a check valve so that when you reverse the pump, the water is forced to go through that "T" to drain through a thru-hull. <BR> <BR>There a ton of pitcures on here that just illustrate what I just said, I would reccomend finding one of those if that doesn't make sense.

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