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phenom_1819 02-11-2010 10:30 AM

There is a tiny leak in the 15-20 year old cedar roof at a house that I rent out, it is very close to a skylight. Had an appraisal done yesterday... and was told the leak is a sign of a failing roof, and the entire thing needs to be replaced. Probably true. Price quote for a 30-year composite was $6500 for a house with a 1700 sq. foot footprint. $6500 bucks isn't in the cards for at least 5-6 months. Ceiling is already damaged, but the damage is minor... <BR> <BR>That's the situation, here are my questions: <BR>1) What would you do? Have the leak fixed now and hope it works... knowing that the entire roof will need to be replaced soon (could probably make it a year or so)... or just leave the leak alone until I can afford to replace it? <BR>) Given I live in a working-class city with cheap labor, is this bid fair? <BR> <BR>Thanks in advance, guys.

fly135 02-11-2010 10:36 AM

Fix the leak. $6500 for a shingle roof would be a decent price.

zo1 02-11-2010 10:41 AM

Get some other opinions. If it is close to a skylight it could be bad flashing et al.

psudy 02-11-2010 10:43 AM

Get a second opinion from another company. let them know about the first.

phenom_1819 02-11-2010 10:52 AM

John, the quote was for a 30-year composite, not a shingle roof. Getting another opinion seems to be the consensus so far...

yodd_tost 02-11-2010 1:22 PM

Where are you located. If it is in the seattle area I could come take a look. You can email me @ <a href="mailto:todd@tgarrettconstruction.com">todd@t garrettconstruction.com</a>

phenom_1819 02-11-2010 1:41 PM

Thanks Todd, The house is actually in Yakima. Appreciate the offer though!

fly135 02-11-2010 3:01 PM

Cal, I thought you were referring to composite shingles.

phenom_1819 02-11-2010 4:12 PM

Oh. I guess I was... just did a google image search. Sorry for the confusion... shows how little I know about the subject at hand. <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0> Thanks John!

dave 02-11-2010 5:30 PM

<b>Get some other opinions. If it is close to a skylight it could be bad flashing et al. <BR> </b> <BR> <BR>+1. The average life span of a cedar shake roof is 30-40 years. Being close to a skylight makes that suspect from the get go. You might get lucky there and buy a little time. Is the roof decked or skip sheathed?

my_malibu 02-11-2010 5:50 PM

I'm a journey man roofer <BR>have the skylight re-flashed <BR>looking at $400 <BR>or cheap way not preferred but take a tarp and staple it around the skylight until you can repair it <BR>make sure to mark the shakes as you will have to replace them

wake77 02-11-2010 6:39 PM

"decked or skip sheathed" <BR> <BR>He said sheathed.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0>

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