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02-10-2010 6:28 PM

I am really thinking about getting rid of the Optimas and going to 2 Interstate 6v Golf Cart Batteries. I am running 3 amps that combined are pushing 1680 watts to my speakers. 2 of the amps are at 2 ohms and 1 is at 4ohms. Amps are the Arc Audio KS with class H technology. <BR> <BR>Are the golf cart batteries going to be able to keep up with the system in terms of power demand. (Will the fluctauting power demands from the sub be greater than what the batteries can provide?) <BR> <BR>I really don't want to have to add a Stinger 5 farad capacitor but I will if absolutely necessary.

02-10-2010 6:45 PM

i put 2 in last year and they were great. never had a problem. i am running a little less wattage, but the same number of amps. i'm pretty sure all my amps are at 2 ohms. i never ran out of power even at powell where the stereo ran for about 4-5hrs @75%. just my .02

02-10-2010 7:17 PM

Did you notice any lack of power at any given time, such as your sub not being as sharp?

cbrown 02-10-2010 9:00 PM

I bought two Trojan t-105s last year and run three amps with 2400 watts and never noticed any difference in sound quality or power fluctuations. I installed an onboard charge and plug the boat in at night and have not had a single problem. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by cbrown on February 10, 2010)

mikeporter2000 02-10-2010 10:17 PM

I run two 6v deep cycle golf cart batteries wired in series as my stereo bank and then a 12v deep cycle marine battery as my starter bank. <BR> <BR>I have a Yandina battery combiner to charge both banks when the boat is running, and a triple switch set-up to give the ability to have different sources powered off different banks if necessary. <BR> <BR>Lastly, I installed a high power alternator. I have 2800 clean watts from some class A/B amps. This setup work great. It took me awhile to get everything figure out, but once it was there it works great.

nvsairwarrior 02-10-2010 10:38 PM

4 years ago I installed 4 T-105's. Multi zone (3) on board charger and stock 70 amp alt. Never have an issue running up to 5750 watts. My normal set up is only 4750. Mostly all Zapco Class a/b. I've often thought of adding a couple more since the charger can handle a 3rd bank but have never run out of power. My play time at the beach at about 60-70% will easily last over an hour...don't know how long it will last. <BR>I've always said though that the most important part of my power system is the on board charger. <BR>The best batt on the planet will let you down if you don't take care of it.

acurtis_ttu 02-11-2010 7:57 AM

my t-105's lasted almsot 6 years...I'm now replacing (under $200/pr). Ranging from systems of 2000 rms up to abtou 3k RMS. No problems at all.

02-11-2010 8:08 AM

I am sold. I have never relied on my alternator to charge my stereo back but have used a dual pro 2 bank charger. I use a blue sea dual circuit battery combiner. Going on 4 seasons with my blue tops and they are still showing excellent result under load tests. <BR> <BR>I still think adding the Stinger Capacitor would be a benefit, but is not something I am going to do this year. <BR> <BR>Here is the charger I am going to use. It will not be on board but will reside in my boat storage and always hooked up to my batteries. Want to get a bit more amperage for the golf art batteries. <BR> <BR><a href="http://store.schumachermart.com/ssc-1500a.html" target="_blank">http://store.schumachermart.com/ssc-1500a.html</a>

david_e_m 02-11-2010 9:57 AM

Murphy, <BR> <BR>Stiffening Capacitors are a nice addition to an automotive audio system where the cap stays charged at all times. But in a boat you're regularly isolating the batteries during AC charging and for other reasons causing the cap to completely discharge. For the preservation of the cap its intended to be initially charged slowly via a resistor, otherwise it will be accumulatively damaged which will eventually create problems with your overall system. <BR> <BR>Grant commented last year that Golf Cart batteries deliver current more slowly than an AGM for example. <BR> <BR>I do see your point in that its possible with a Class H power supply which tracks and has to be very responsive to the audio signal that faster current delivery could be an issue. I'd call Brad, an Arc Audio engineer, and get his opinion. <BR> <BR>Also, I wonder if a bank of multiple but smaller capacitors would negate the need for a slow recharge. In any case, let us know what you discover. <BR> <BR>David <BR>Earmark Marine

polarbill 02-11-2010 10:15 AM

Murphy, they are expensive but Deka makes AGM 6V golf cart batteries. They don't have quite as high a 20AH rating but you could you could mount them different ways. Just a thought?

02-11-2010 10:32 AM

Brett, If I end up going with AGM, I would get 2 of the 31 series Sea Mates which are right around 100ah. I would be looking a $200 per battery. <BR> <BR>I'm going to call Arc.

02-11-2010 10:37 AM

I just spoke with brad at Arc and he thought that it would be no problem at all. <BR> <BR>He said those amps are redicuously efficient.

david_e_m 02-11-2010 11:44 AM

Murphy, <BR> <BR>Sure, never thought that your amplifier efficiency was in question... But was looking more for confirmation about rapid current delivery pertaining to golf cart batteries. <BR> <BR>So if anyone has any good reference material on this subject I would really like to know how it relates to audio applications or if its really just more of a cranking issue. <BR> <BR>David <BR>Earmark Marine

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