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depswa 02-10-2010 1:56 PM

Hey guys...I figured WakeWorld.com has always been a great place to get unbiased/impartial opinions, so...I was hoping you guys could check out my band Depswa's new material and let me know what you think (two FREE Downloads at <a href="http://www.reverbnation.com/depswa" target="_blank">www.reverbnation.com/depswa</a> ). <BR> <BR>We are releasing our new album "Distorted American Dream" March 16th and would like to get some feedback on what you guys think to help guide our marketing and touring plans. We are releasing it on our own label and have several marketing plans for it, but we are always open to new ideas. I have a marketing degree and we have laid out a decent promotional plan, but anything I could have missed is greatly welcomed. <BR> <BR>In this day and age, it is so hard to make it in music, and it sucks because bands that we all may love are being forced to give it up which in turns hurts the fans in that the music they like may not continue to be released. <BR> <BR>SO...please listen to the tracks then let us know what you think...what bands you think we'd be good touring with...any music websites you frequent...if there are radio stations you think we should send it to, etc. Since my days in college, blogging has become a huge avenue to utilize for marketing, but...that was before my time, so I'm not sure how to start with that? <BR> <BR>ANyways, let me know what you think...If you can contribute anything to help us out, I'm sure we can hook you up in return somehow...maybe free merch, autographed cds, show tickets, etc. We'll see. Hope to hear from you! <BR> <BR>Sincerely, <BR>Dan Noonan

denverd1 02-10-2010 2:11 PM

<a href="http://wordpress.org/" target="_blank">http://wordpress.org/</a> <BR>Everything you need to know about blogging. I'll give your tunes a listen and post some feedback. The feedback you want, that is <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/wink.gif" border=0>

player138 02-10-2010 2:30 PM

"I figured WakeWorld.com has always been a great place to get unbiased/impartial opinions" <BR> <BR>Hahaha really? Come on man... this will turn into an anti-abortion and/or Obama thread by day's end. <BR> <BR>In all seriousness though, you guys sound pretty good. I could definitely see you touring with bands like Puddle of Mud or Shinedown. Based on those two tracks I don't know that I would say hard rock, but rock for sure... and I'm a fan of that harmonica in the first track.

innov8 02-10-2010 2:40 PM

I like it Dan,very nice, you rip on the guitar!!

innov8 02-10-2010 2:42 PM

Send your music to the edge here in Dallas Texas <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.kdge.com/main.html" target="_blank">http://www.kdge.com/main.html</a>

jaegermaster 02-10-2010 3:08 PM

Dan, I sent you a message through reverbnation. New songs sound great. Keep up the good work.

depswa 02-11-2010 6:25 PM

Hey guys...thanks for all the input! It will all help! <BR> <BR>Jae G...sorry to hear about your truck! Hate that crap! <BR> <BR>Oh...so...we're working on setting up some distribution for the CD...let me know where you guys buy your music...Best Buy, Target, Wal Mart, iTunes, CD Baby, mom pop stores, amazon, band's website or whatever? <BR> <BR>Obviously the days of the record store are declining, but I think it is still important to cater to people that don't itunes...plus, the packaging cool to have...we spent alot of time on our CD packaging this time and it looks great. SO, I hope people pick up the hard copy...any feedback is much appreciated...thanks guys... <BR> <BR>Dan

jaegermaster 02-12-2010 8:41 AM

Rhapsody and Sirius Satellite are about all I listen to.

depswa 02-12-2010 11:38 AM

Cool...we are definitely releasing through Rhapsody...and Grant Random will be gettng a new disc to play on his show on Octane (Sirius/XM). <BR> <BR>That's another point...if you know any DJ's in specific that you think spin our style stuff, let us know their names AND stations...we'll contact them directly. <BR> <BR>Thanks! <BR> <BR>Dan

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