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wakeborder5 02-09-2010 7:26 PM

I'm looking to get a few new desktops for my parents business. I've been looking at Dell because I've gotten good service from them, but am open to suggestions. Looking to get 3 new desktops and monitors. I've been looking at packages since they appear to be cheaper. What I'm looking at currently: <BR><a href="http://configure.us.dell.com/dellstore/config.aspx?oc=bo1s12cd&amp;c=us&amp;l=en&amp;s=bs d&amp;cs=04" target="_blank">http://configure.us.dell.com/dellstore/config.aspx?oc=bo1s12cd&amp;c=us&amp;l=en&amp;s=bs d&amp;cs=04</a> <BR> <BR>Also, how important is it to have windows 7 business over home premium? The computers only need to be competent basic machines that aren't networked together besides for using the networked Xerox and security isn't a real big issue. Do you guys suggest the warranties? Dell's is 75 to upgrade from 1 year to 3 years of basic warranty and NBD on-site service. Any suggestions as to brand or specific models or deals would be appreciated.

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