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drewsmug 08-05-2003 7:03 PM

i use to be able to do hs backrolls about 60% of the time. Then i wasn't able to go out for awhile and now i land on my feet everytime but before i can ride away my front adge catches and i face flop. anyways before you all simply say lean back i want you to know i am. the problem is i'm landing with to much weight forward. is there a way to go into the move so when i land i'm leaning slightly back. does anybody know what i'm talking about. any help would be appreciated, thanks.

mvda 08-06-2003 8:27 AM

It sounds like bad handle position. You should be keeping your handle close to your front hip. Natural tendency is to pull it in to the center of your body (towards the back hip), which can rotate you a little, opening your toeside edge up for a face plant. Keep the handle on your front hip. If that does not work, let go with your back hand after take off. You should eventually learn to do it with both hands, but letting go with the back hand often helps people to get it.

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