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bogartsomeday 02-08-2010 12:52 AM

Ok this is kinda continuation of Austin's "Now What?" thread...but does anyone know or heard of some videos we should be seeing come out this summer? last year had a few great vids that were all pretty anticipative. Anyone think it'll be another big year of new releases? I know there's a few companies i'd like to see make a video. I kinda touched on some on austin's thread but i think monster energy, air nautique, mastercraft, jet pilot, CWB, and even rockstar all have plenty good enough teams to put out a legit vid. Especially Monster, CWB, and Nautique. I think it'd help promote their company more in the wake industry. So anyone heard of some vid we'll possibly be seeing?

cheesydog 02-08-2010 1:40 AM

how bout the new company vid? That should be coming out this year hopefully?

benjaminp 02-08-2010 7:01 AM

Defy, and Bodyglove is making their team video (I'm pretty sure its called Slick City), that should be out pretty soon.

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