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cwfletch 02-07-2010 7:36 PM

So I was watching the X-Games from the DVR and I was checking out Mr. Whites board...definitely not 2010 gear, I don't think the bindings are 2010 gear either. <BR> <BR>I paused the recording a couple of times and noticed there is no channel or visible inserts on the board anywhere which brings me to my next question. <BR> <BR>Is it possibly a 2011 board, with inserts specific to his stance or is Burton moving away from the channel? <BR> <BR>It would make sense to me considering the incredible loads being placed on the binding to board connection that well built inserts would be preferred. Also I have had my rear binding rotate in the channel after some sketchy landings, something that never happened with my 3Ds. <BR> <BR>Thought I would see if any of ya'll had some inside news.

behindtheboat 02-07-2010 8:35 PM

it will be years if not a decade when you can ride a shaun white type set-up. He's prob got custom made, specifics, and the channel will remain convenient for years to come

cwfletch 02-07-2010 10:08 PM

Take a look at X-Games 13 he rode an out of the box Operator (ICS) with Custom bindings, the same with previous X-Games and board models before. <BR> <BR>I agree that Burton would build him whatever he wanted but that was the funny thing in the past with him is that he chose some of the cheapest bindings they offer as his favorite.

02-08-2010 6:24 AM

no doubt he is riding '11 boards. pretty much every team rider for burton is. hi binding may look a little different because the cartel has, i believe, the p1 style highback on it now, but with the same cartel style plastic. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/11975/773969.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/11975/773970.jpg" alt="Upload"> <BR> <BR>here is a pic of him riding it <BR><a href="http://content.fluofun.com/photos/news/16677/19549.png" target="_blank">http://content.fluofun.com/photos/news/16677/19549.png</a>

cwfletch 02-08-2010 9:31 AM

2011 gear it is, thanks for the photo's and info AJ. Now if I could only get Burton to build me one without the channel and custom inserts to my stance preference.

bruizza 02-24-2010 8:28 AM

^^ You could get them to make you a series 13 board and you might be able to get them to custom place the inserts.

02-24-2010 12:07 PM

Shaun rocking the channel on his board. <a href="http://content.fluofun.com/photos/news/16677/19513.jpg" target="_blank">http://content.fluofun.com/photos/news/16677/19513.jpg</a>

timmo 03-02-2010 1:06 PM

Random threadjack- anyone got a link to Shaun's two Olympic runs?? Youtube only shows videos that have been pulled for copyright voilation & some handheld footage which is pretty poor!

calexan 03-02-2010 5:24 PM

I cant wait to snag a pair of the new cartels. They look SICK! ..... even looking at possibly switching to the channel next year too. Gonna be a good year.

benjaminp 03-03-2010 8:07 AM

timmo, if you dont mind getting blasted with Canadian nationalism, here is the entire finals coverage.

goinbigg17 03-05-2010 1:25 PM

Our Burton Rep told us Shaun White and many other pro's don't actually ride the boards with their names on them. They make boards with their names, but the boards they actually ride are much higher end. And they never ride the current model years, they are always on something that is at least next years model if not farther out.

calexan 03-09-2010 6:52 AM

Got an email saying they were doing an early release on shauns new board if anybody is serisouly looking for one. Supposedly all the flagship Burton stores are going to be carrying it.

xstarrider 03-09-2010 12:20 PM


Yup, its kind of like some other pro sports. The loads and destruction of the boards givenby pro abuse are much much great than the avergae person so most high end stuff is tweaked a bit for the pros. I would argue though that pros are riding their boards with their name on. It has features and tech specs usually associated with their riding styles. However I see pros all the time on their "Fun Board" out in Mammoth and Squaw all the time. They have a quiver at their disposal if you will. IT just may be a version that is 2 or 3 years head on tech thean available to consumer.

For example
In hockey pros have sticks built at higher flexes and lomger lengths than a regular consumer can get. Their skates are reinorced and have special stitching as not to prematurely wear out.

goinbigg17 03-10-2010 7:01 AM

What I meant by not riding the boards with their names on them, is that Shaun Whites board that is sold to the public will have his graphics and be his dimension specs, but most likely he is riding something with the properties of the Method or Vapor but his own series graphics on it instead.

pucktowake 03-10-2010 4:25 PM

I think it would be cool if you could get a "pro" board with the set stance option. Or if you could order them from the company. I dont think its very easy to get a fully customized board?

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