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otown_dave 02-07-2010 6:35 PM

I put my $51 FAE on today, I had to improvise some to make it work.<a href="http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o32/millerman340/71%20Century%20Coronado/img1265579672957.jpg" target="_blank">http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o32/millerman340/71%20Century%20Coronado/img1265579672957.jpg</a>

salty87 02-07-2010 6:42 PM

$51? how'd you manage that?

otown_dave 02-07-2010 7:05 PM


rallyart 02-07-2010 7:58 PM

Looks pretty good David. You'll want to watch the braces and see if they do the job. They are make to push straight up on the platform to counteract the water force twisting up on the down pipe. <BR>You could look at putting a stainless square tube across the platform directly above the support holes inside the bends. Then run a bar up to that to support the pipe.

wake_upppp 02-07-2010 8:17 PM

Art I was thinking the same thing. I was wondering if the supports actually werent attatched yet in the pic but if they are, they really need to be more upright.

otown_dave 02-08-2010 4:54 AM

Yes they are attached. Mine are more triangulated.. It would break the bolts at the pipe before it's moving anywhere.I read a few post on fae's moving back with the mounts straight up. What you can't see is the drop of the outlet pipes running toward the fae &amp; the exhaust pipe actually run inside of the outlets on the transom with stainless screws under the rubber hose couplings. It is also pinned at the elbows leaving only the down pipe to rotate if it hits something.

gunz 02-08-2010 6:09 AM

$51 ? <BR>Nice work! <BR> <BR>I don't like the way the supports are on there,looks like it's a little off to,but if you say it works,then thats great.You'll never see it,but it will make a huge difference in sound on your boat. <BR> <BR>Also,when you run it,make sure it's really tight. <BR>Thats from experience there man. <BR> <BR>Nice find.

tonyv420 02-08-2010 11:33 AM

your supports need to go straight up.

otown_dave 02-08-2010 3:53 PM

The picture makes it look offset, I'm not standing right behind the boat. I'm going to install the ones straight up, But leave the others there. I don't want someone to climb up using it as a step. My son can stand on the top of the FAE &amp; It does not budge as I said the pipes run inside the outlets &amp; are stainless screwed. The rubber boots are not holding it in place only sealing the tubes. But there's some ( 1/4") upward movement when you pull up on it(Hard). I have some aluminum bar stock to use under the bottom of the deck for mounts. <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by otown_dave on February 08, 2010)

lfxstar 02-08-2010 6:59 PM

does it do anything to the wake?

rallyart 02-08-2010 7:04 PM

Nope, but you can get a bit of spray at the platform.

otown_dave 02-14-2010 1:28 PM

look better? <a href="http://s116.photobucket.com/albums/o32/millerman340/?action=view&amp;current=img1266177929628.jpg" target="_blank"><img></a> <BR> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by o-town_dave on February 14, 2010)

otown_dave 02-14-2010 1:32 PM

<a href="http://s116.photobucket.com/albums/o32/millerman340/?action=view&amp;current=img1266177678141.jpg" target="_blank"><img></a>

joesell 02-14-2010 7:07 PM

Lots better, thats going to work just fine.

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